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About Me

Drawn by rainwolfeh

Let's Hear it for Rock Bottom- The Offspring

Steff| 18| Female| Capricorn| ISTP| Pennsylvania

Hi diddly ho neighboreenos! My name's Steff and I'm just a dorky 18 year-old college kid who draws cats in their spare time. I currently go to Penn State University for biomedical engineering; obviously I like to torture myself. I'm a pretty shy person, but don't let that hold you back! Feel free to message me any time saying hi, or asking me any questions. I may not be the absolute greatest at responding to messages on here, but if its dire feel free to contact me on Skype! My Skype name is Steffanosaurus, so if you ever need me you can usually grab me there.

Your Baerrito

Drawn by rrath


Okay time 2 b serious now.

Yes so -holds up steff- -smooshes her face over box-

You guys see this lovely gal right here? She's my baerrito. And she is so fucking amazing I can't even.

Like we've known each other for what, a year now Steff? But we only started talking a few months ago and god I'm so glad I messaged you on Skype asking if you were okay because we've talked ever since and speaking of which I don't think we've gone a day without talking since then and I really hate talking so that's actually an accomplishment.

You're such a fucking dork I literally can't with you but you make me smile and laugh and I can't help but roll my eyes and laugh because, goddamnit Bae. And as much as I wanna be annoyed I can't because you're too fuckin' cute like smooshes your cheek.

Guys Steff is fuckin' beautiful okay like just unf 10/10 A++++++ would tap but i gotta stretch first.

I want to write more but my head hurts like a bitch so just, rubs butt on page.

Thank you for listening to me whenever I needed to talk and making me laugh and dealing with my stupid ass all day okay. I'll let u be afro queen, maybe. I dunno. You can be red-haired Afro Princess k?

Votre Petit-Loup

Drawn by FameTheGame

Alright, it's been a while since I last wrote and just ok I have a lot of fucking emotions right now so I'll probably get sappy sorry not sorry.

I honestly .... Goddamnit Steff you're fucking amazing and I can't even describe how much your friendship means I'm just fucking sitting here grinning like an idiot because you're such a fucking dork and I love it and I love you and I love your stupid dorkface.

I don't say this lightly but I really do love you like ... honestly you're ... god I don't know how to explain it because yeah I've known you for a year but our friendship just bloomed into what it is now and it's great and our conversations make me smile and laugh and I can honestly say that you're one of like, two people who can make me laugh every time we talk and I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for you because of that. I don't laugh often but with you I seem to do it in abundance and I'm getting sappy but I don't give a shit I love you and I love your stupid jokes and I love when you make fun of me and I love your face have I said that? I probably did but whatever just PICKS YOU UP AND VIRTUALLY SQUEEZES.

You scared the fuck out of me the other day with the allergy stuff like I couldn't sit down because I was worrying and it hit me that I don't know what I would do if you weren't there (not saying you would've died but just, if I couldn't talk to you for a few days). Somehow you've become part of my daily program. I either wake up to a crazy text from you or I send you one and that's my morning - it starts with you and it usually ends with you EVEN THOUGH YOU FALL ASLEEP ON ME A LOT STEFF WTF BRO.

Okay I think I'm done but just know that I love and care about you and shit okay? I know I'm all the way in Texas but I'm here if you ever need me because that's what baerrito's are for and I'll make my booty clap 4 u bby and then I'll stretch and we can do the sex k? k.

You're a dork and I love you.

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Time After Time- Quietdrive




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Rp Tracker

Drawn by Biirdi


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Ya know what? I am going to write this now, even though writing on this ipad is excruciating because capitalizing things sucks and it's sO SLOW
I hope you're grateful that I love you enough to go through this because i stg

ANYWAY this is going to stay at the bottom of your page ok (edit: why can i not move the custom box to the bottom on the ipad this is stupid
we can't let my dumbness intervene with Jay and Fame's beautiful writing (i will refrain from calling her Time for now because then i will have to make a pun and she will probably throttle me, and it would be worth it but that's not really my goal here)

all right here we go
prepare yourself for a heap of gay, Steff

let us start by going back in time almosT FIVE YEARS AGO NOW HOLY SHIT
except actually it's still only like four years
I don't remember what exact day we met - all I know is that it was before I started high school and during my eighth grade year, so it was definitely before summer, but I haven't been able to narrow it down and it's killing me ugh
but little did I know that that day would forever change the course of my life
Was that corny enough??
So yeah, we met sometime back when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth, and that was back when your name was Sugartail (which was such a gr8 username because it made nearly as much sense as Gingerflight does lmfao) and I remember that you were one of my watchers and I was only vaguely aware that you existed because I was such a nooby turd, and then I made that Searunners rp and you joined (and I also remember that before you told me to call you Steffan I wanted to give you a nickname but I had been torn because if I called you Sugar I would also be obligated to call you Honey, Honey; you know, because of that one song - never mind) , and I swear I have no idea what we did during the short time that Searunners existed, but suddenly we were friends???? Honestly, all I remember about that time was Destinypaw making fun of Hannibal for being an ugly fucker, and I'm assuming that's not what began the friendship so

But I still really do not understand why you wanted to become friends with me omg I was such a loser back then
I overused dumb emoticons and was just a huge noob in general, and yet
you wanted to be my friend????
that still baffles me because i honestly want to kill my former self for being an idiot but that would probably kill the current me too if I did that so maybe I won't
The thing is, even though i don't understand why on earth you would want to be the friend of some dumb fricker like me, I am so very, very glad you did
oh god it's going to probably get sappy now
you better not laugh at what I'm going to write, you asshat

I don't think I realized until recently how important you'd become to me, nor how prominent of a figure you'd become in my life. We've known each other for such a long time and fallen into this routine where we just constantly sass each other and give each other dumb best nicknames that I guess it just didn't really hit me right away that WAIT A SECOND STEFF THERE'S A PHANTOM OF THE OPERA COMMERCIAL PLAYING ON TV PAUSE THE SAP
oh my god it was so short but im cry
why do i have to live in the land of hillbillies
why can't i live here where they show commercials for broadway shows on an everyday basis

i am in control of myself again
im sorry
shit i completely forgot what i was going to say

so yeah, do you know how much time we've spent just discussing the most random stuff with each other? I remember I used to look back through our old skype conversations ( actually i think it was skype that brought us close omfg) and just laugh to myself at how ridiculous they were. You never failed to make me laugh, and that hasn't changed even after all the years we've known each other
man, we were just kids back then
i mean, i'm still a kid
ur an elderly woman now
But like, when we first started talking we were both young and vibrant and full of innocence - at least i was, you were probably already thinking of dirty jokes back then - and now i'm going into my senior year and you're going to be in COLLEGE
i am going to text you during school and bug you during all your college classes eheuheuheuheu
before you know it we will be 80 years old and we will still be skyping each other with our old lady fingers omfg

but back to my point
You, Steff, are one of the best things that has ever happened to me, probably even one of the best things that has ever happened to this world aND DONT YOU DARE LET THAT GO TO YOUR SWELLED HEAD
because I really have no idea what I would do without you now
that is like the corniest of all corny things but it's really true
There was this period of time where we didn't get to talk too much because of our hectic schedules, and during that time I was so busy that I didn't really notice. But then when we started skyping each other again after all that, I realized just how much I had seriously missed talking to you. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but you are probably the friend that I've shared the most with over the years. Through all the sassy crap that we spout at each other, I've bared more of my soul to you than what my real life friends have probably ever seen. I dunno, maybe it's because talking over the internet and talking in real life are such different things, but you are, like, my go to personn for everything. You are always so willing to liisten to me rant about my problems, especially my problems with certain people, and when I'm upset i dont actually ssay anything about it, but I stg you always seem to know what I'm feeling because you just say things that make my day SO MUCH BETTER and its like wow how did you even know just what to say
whenever i get an alert that i've gotten a skype message from you (when skype actually boTHERS TO ALERT ME THAT PIECE OF ) I just grin so hugely
yesterday when we were talking about you being Queen Booby I was just sitting there with this goofy smile on my face I guess and my mom was like "vanessa what are you grinning at"
and i was just like "steff" and she was like "oh ok" like even she knows that you're one of my best friends now omfg
in the beginning she used to be ultra suspicious of you because I'm pretty sure I used to pronounce your name as Steff-ahn instead of Steff-en and so she thought you were some guy that was trying to seduce me and i was like "mom if you could see some of the things she called me you would see she isn't trying to seduce me"
and then she thought you were bullying me and i was like MOM NO
i swear
She relaxed after you mailed me that letter that one time you commissioned me
they're both sitting in my high school musical bucket that i put my treasures in
please do not ask why i have a high school musical bucket
That was such a great letter I love it so much <3

I remember when I got your letter that time I was so excited because until that moment I had only ever talked to any of my internet friends on, well, the internet obviously, and finally I had something that basically yelled "THIS PERSON IS IN THIS WORLD AND IS ACTUALLY SOMEONE YOU CAN CONTACT"
i dunno why, but that letter made that sink in more than skyping you could, and it made me so happy to think that you existed in the same country i existed in like
i can't even explain it
The point is
I know where you live eue
I'm going to go to Pennsylvania one day and just appear on your doorstep and bang on your door until someone lets me in
and then we will go watch phantom and be really dorky together and if your stepdad tries to say anything even relatively condescending to you i will get up in his face and give him the instructions for how to shove your opinion up your ass
except i probably wouldn't do that because im lame but that sounds like a great idea
actually i probably won't even be able to go to pennsylvania because im underage anYWAY

Am i doing this right???
I'm trying to pour out my heart into this but I feel like I'm just rambling honestly
I've never done this before, and I never thought that I ever would
This was always the kind of thing that other people did, not me
I remember that I would always just go to other people's profile pages and all I would see was a bunch of things from their friends who had hacked them and written super long messages proclaiming their undying friendship and love for that person
and i would sit there on that person's profile page and read every single message that had been written for them, word for word
and I would see all the heartfelt feelings that had been put into everything and
i would just feel so immensely jealous
that they were so loved by friends they had never even met
because I knew that that was never going to happen to me
I was never going to have any friends like that who would bother to write anything for me on my profile page, i would never have anyone feel close enough to me that they would want to
because i don't keep friends easily
I don't know if it's something I do or if it just kind of happens, but when I make friends we always drift apart
it's been tried and proven, both with people on deviantart and in real life
they just go away and I never hear from them again, and if I do then they talk to me as though they never knew me
maybe they didn't
so I just tried not to get close to people as a rule, unless it was already too late, because I knew it was pointless
I'm trying to grow out of this, but it's difficult
You can tell it hasn't worked yet based on that one poll I did recently
out of all the people who answered, most people said that I was the friend that they have to get to know better
and when i saw that i felt so guilty because I know that's mainly my fault, since I don't even try
I'm still stuck in that mindset, I guess
even with the close friends I do have I just look at them and wonder if one day I will be the one that will cause us to lose touch, and it is such a horrible, unavoidable thought to me
But I never really thought that way about you
It never even occurred to me that we might ever drift apart, because that way of thinking was just so completely out of the question that I would never allow it to happen
Still, I didn't think that you would ever ask me if you could write a box of gay on my page, and then you did and all I could think at first was "excuse me?" Because no one was supposed to ever ask me that and it didn't quite register at first
but then it did and I was so overjoyed i wanted to cry
obviously I didn't tell you that because that is lame
but when you actually did write that thing on my page and I read it, I actually did cry, I wasn't just telling you that
Partly from laughing at you, but mainly because I was so grateful and thankful that you had wanted to become my friend in the first place because you, my gayby, are quite possibly one of the best I've ever had and ever will have
Some people have a ton of friends that write boxes of gay on their page, to the point where that is all you see when you visit their profiles, and that is wonderful
I just have one box of gay but that is equally wonderful
Even if I never have anyone else want to write another one for me, I will be perfectly happy because I actually have one, and it's from one of the people that I care for the most, and that is more than I could have ever hoped for
i am actually tearing up god im sorry that way sappier than what I originally planned to write

but steff, you are absolutely perfect and don't let anyone tell you differently
not even hannah montana
fuck off, hannah, you don't know shit
you are such a gorgeous human being both inside and out (even if your snapchats are hideous and your mustaches are gay LMAO I KID I KID MY SNAPCHATS ARE WORSE except your mustaches really were extremely gay what a dork you are) and don't you dare let anyone tell you differently
you are such an incredible friend like jesus christ I am so lucky that I got to know you and that our friendship is one where we can just make fun of each other over the stupidest things like typos, and I'm ALSO super glad that we became friends. And I'm not an easy person to become friends with - at least not to this extent, so that says a lot about just how special you are

this is random and off topic but
When you had that allergy thing and I found out about it like way after it happened I was so worried about you and i know this is going to sound awful but at first when I saw that Fame and Jay knew about it before i did at first I was like oh
maybe it's finally happening
that thing where we drift apart
it always happens so this isn't a surprise even though i didnt expect it to happen with steff but i guess that's how it works
and I was so mad at myself for thinking that when you could have fucking died and god I am still pissed that something like that even went through my mind
I was even more angry at myself when you told me that you didn't text me about it because you didn't want to worry me and ruin my vacation
Like, how on earth do I even deserve a friend like you?? You were being considerate because you didn't want me to worry over you
you dork
what do you think I would have done if you'd died and I hadn't even had the slightest inkling about it?
Obviously if I had been aware I would have been having a panic attack from freaking out over your health and well being and over whether or not you would live another day and it would have been the worst thing ever to experience but
i just
you can't just die without saying anything to me
Not to mention my vacation was already partially ruined because of thaT ONE PERSON so you could have worried me all you want
anyway all of that is basically what i was thinking after you told me your reason but I was also just laughing out of relief that you were fine and weren't going to die and we weren't drifting and you hadn't said anything for my sake and gdi you are the biggest fricking dork and i love you so much

you are my precious Steff bby despite the fact that you are older than me and you are that one person that I can always trust to proofread what I write in response to idiots and the one who I can ramble to about how perfect Sierra Boggess is and we are going to meet one day I swear to God
When you're a rich engineer and I'm on Broadway I'm going to invite you out to New York and we will go out and wander around and drink champagne because that stuff sounds delicious and give money to hobos and watch the Fifty Shades musical together and I will take your Phantom virginity and then we can be stupid dorky poops together by crying over Enjolras and Grantaire and Eponine and various fictional characters and wE SHOULD HAVE A TOM JONES DANCE PARTY TOO AND I WILL MAke you play legend of zelda ok??? ok
also we should just watch all the other musicals on Broadway too because hello we will be filthy stinking rich and can afford it
and i will get you tickets and backstage passes to whatever show i'm in and you can come meet all the famous broadway peeps
by that time I may even be friends with someone like Samantha Barks ayyyyy

I am still trying to work up the courage to actually call you because it isn't fair that everyone else in the world has heard your voice and you've heard my voice but I haven't heard yours
Except I really am terrible at talking on the phone
Maybe when I eventually call you I will reach your voicemail and then I can just leave a really dumb message
yes this is a wonderful idea

There is so much else that I want to say to you and about you, like how funny you are and how compassionate and warm and caring and down-to-earth and fabulous you are, and how everyone you meet needs to make an effort to get to know you because if they don't they will be missing out on so much and they won't even know

BUT I have written enough already and just typing all this out was way harder than it would have been on the computer
also I'm multi-tasking and watching American Hustle while doing this and it is very hard to take my eyes off the screen because holy crap the acting is to die for, especially with Jennifer Lawrence so

you're the best gay buttock that ever existed, and I am proud to call myself your bosom friend and personal gremlin ;u;
Smooches loudly <3333333

Last updated 7/21/14


I'll probably do this again when my kit is born

1.  Hi! What can I call you? And what's your True Name? owo

Kokkinos: Hi! My name kit name is Dust, but you can call me Kokkinos. My sister calls me Kokki, and my apprentice calls me Mr. Kinos, so feel free to pick a name to call me.

Eryx: ...... Just call me Ryx. Eryx is my true name, so I guess you can use that...... Just.... Just don't tell any strange cats

Hannibal: Hannibal. We don't talk about my kit name.

 2.   Nice! How many season-cycles do you have under your proverbial belt?

Kokkinos: Hmmmm.... I'm almost four now.... Time sure does fly...

Eryx: I- I'm two and a half season cycles now

Hannibal: I just became a Green! *Puffs out chest proudly-

 3.   What tribe do you hail from?

Kokkinos: I'm originally from outside of the Tribes, but I'm happily residing in Earth-Tribe.

Eryx: *Glances at her tattoo* I was.... I was from Shadow-Tribe... But now I'm living in Light-Tribe.

Hannibal: Air-Tribe! Though I wish I was in Water with my brother or Light with Basil....

 4.   And what's your opinion of the local government? owo

Kokkinos: haha well I am part of the local government.... So I'll just talk about Alcina. She is... She is one of the bravest cats I've ever met. She's so unsure of herself and of her ability to lead, but honestly I don't think anyone else in Earth-Tribe is better suited to have a Silver tattoo. She's an amazing leader and an even more amazing friend, and I will give my life to protect her.

Eryx: I... I don't agree with his decision. I don't think Alriyel is up to anything good; I couldn't let myself be put into danger like that. He's got bees in his brain to blindly follow that cat. As for the Yellow... Meh, she's nothing special to me.

Hannibal: Tara is pretty cool I guess, but she's not like Basil. As for Seraph.... He's stupid for opposing Tara's decision.


 5.   Let's get down to the stuff Tabloids are made of! Who’s your true love?

Kokkinos: Eileen, no question about it.

Eryx: ....... Let's not talk about love

Hannibal: The only cat I love here is Oberon, and not in that way.


 6.   Aww~~~ Have you kissed yet?

Kokkinos: .... Heh..... We've done more than kiss *gestures to Eileen's belly*

Eryx: I don't want to talk about this

Hannibal: No


 7.   So... anyone else? eue

Kokkinos: *Awkwardly looks away* ....... Tuari. I wonder where I would be right now if she was still alive. Where we would be.....

Eryx: *Whimpers*

Hannibal: Nope. Love is pointless


 8.   Alrighty then! Dumb question - what's your favorite color?

Kokkinos: Hmmmm.... Blue

Eryx: I find myself more attracted to the color brown

Hannibal: Gray


 9.   Favorite season?

Kokkinos: Definitely fall

Eryx: Spring. It's the time of rebirth for all.

Hannibal: Summer


 10.   Now what’s your biggest fear?

Kokkinos: I have several that are tied. Letting down my Tribe, failing to protect Oscar and Ozz like I did Marianna, Tuari not waiting for me in the afterlife, losing Olly, Isis, or Charley, and of course something happening to Eileen and the kittens.

Eryx: Rejection. If the one I love rejects me.... I don't know what I would do...

Hannibal: Joffrey coming back and hurting Oberon. Anyone hurting Oberon in general really. Touch Oberon and I'll rip off your face.


 11. Any siblings?

Kokkinos: Two brothers and a sister, though only my sister still walked this earth. She lives in Earth-Tribe with me, and she's also my soulbond. She means the world to me, and I will do anything to make sure she doesn't get hurt. She's my only biological family left.

Eryx: Three brothers, though I don't know if they're alive or dead.... I miss them sometimes...

Hannibal: Only Oberon.


 12. Who’s your hero?

Kokkinos: Hmmmmm.... I have three. The first is Tuari, for being so strong and enduring so much pain. Next is Alcina, for going with the Golden-Butterflies in my place. And of course Eileen, for being stronger than I ever could be.

Eryx: Yukiteru. He's so suave and good at speaking. There's nothing that Yuki cannot do.

Hannibal: Oberon will always be my hero, though Basil is up there too.


 13. Who’s your worst enemy?

Kokkinos: I find myself wanting to say Mar, but I wouldn't really call him my worst enemy. Probably the bastard that killed Tuari. And Gabriel.

Eryx: That antichrist of a Yellow-Earth, though I mainly fear him. I guess.... I guess myself.

Hannibal: Joffrey, for what he did to me and Oberon.


 14. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?

Kokkinos: Raise hell. My enemies are bad, bad cats.

Eryx: Yuki and I...? Heh, maybe it I wasn't gay I would be attracted to him. He is very handsome, though don't tell him I said that.

Hannibal: *Hisses* If I ever saw that ass near my brother I would kill him.


 15. What would you do if you met your creator?

Kokkinos: Ask why she made my life so sad

Eryx: Probably cower and run

Hannibal: Squint at her for allowing Jay to let Oberon go though that as a kit


 16. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Kokkinos: *Chuckles* I am grown up, however..... I suppose all I want to be is a good deputy and a loving father.

Eryx: I'm an adult heh.... I g-guess I want to be confident.

Hannibal: I wouldn't mind being deputy some day. But really I just want to be the brother that Oberon deserves.


 17. What's your worst nightmare?

Kokkinos: Losing Eileen and/or our kits.

Eryx: Being lit on fire by a Fire-Triber.

Hannibal: Oberon dying.


 17. Who would you want to meet in the afterlife?

Kokkinos: Tuari and Marianna

Eryx: I.... I don't know....

Hannibal: I hope I go before him, but eventually Oberon. And maybe Starla and Phoenix.


 18. Anyone you want to send to the afterlife?

Kokkinos: *Bristles* That bastard who murdered Tuari comes to mind...

Eryx: N-n-no!!

Hannibal: Joffrey.


 19. Now that we're getting a little serious (or really just because the meme is almost over), what's your opinion of Alriyel, reincarnated?

Kokkinos: I don't trust him, not one bit. I think that him rising back up will bring nothing but trouble for the Tribes, and I fear that we'll be plunged back into the dark ages of legend. I would prefer to stay out of all of this mess, though if there's a war I'll be on the opposite side of Alriyel.

Eryx: H-he's trouble.... I don't think following him is a good idea. I don't want to ally myself with him, nor do I want to oppose him. I'm staying neutral for now, and I probably will throughout this whole debacle.

Hannibal: Meh... Tara trusts him, and I trust Tara. He doesn't seem like that bad of a guy.....


 20. What's on your bucket list?

Kokkinos: See my kits grow up and have kittens of their own.

Eryx: F-f-fine true love and be comfortable in my own skin.

Hannibal: Grow old with Oberon by my side.


 21. Where do you see yourself in a few season-cycles?

Kokkinos: I hope to see myself and Eileen still alive in that time. I would love to be surrounded by my kittens and perhaps their own. I want to live to see my grandchildren, and to have them begging old grandpa Kokkinos for a story about the caiman war or something.

Eryx: Maybe in Light-Tribe still. I don't know really....

Hannibal: Adventuring with Oberon, maybe far beyond the Tribes' lands.


 21. We're done! Now tag whoever you want

Anyone who hasn't been tagged yet that is reading this vuv
He had gone back with Shadow-Tribe as soon as they left; continuing his pace like a kitten following after their mother. He felt like a follower for the first time in his life, he didn’t like it and no matter what happened the Green-Light would never consider himself a follower, he was the first born in his litter and when he was young he would be the leader when he and he brother played ‘Follow The Leader.’ He was born to lead not chase. Looking around at the cats that had stayed true to their leader he caught sight of a pelt, one that made him raise a brow in interest for a moment, it was truly a sight to be seen. Yvaine…. Even after The Golden Butterflies tortured her, even after Light-Tribe healed her, after they took her back in and did their best to shelter her mind from the pain she had endured; the Orange-Light spat the blood of the Light-Tribers that had died rescuing her in her own chosen Tribe’s face. It made the tom’s throat rise with bile, not because he hated her, he wouldn’t waste his energy on that, but because of the fact Navia had died in that raid. The Orange-Light poisoner had been his friend goddamnit. Yet I find my words of you having been a coward upon the first moment we met to be all the more so true you filthy traitor….

He didn’t get a good night’s rest that night, he kept tossing and turning in his nest knowing that the one true Golden Butterfly was only a walk away. All the tom could think of was how this would end in destruction for them all. He wondered if Eryx could sleep, the ginger tabby had been rather quiet ever since they got back and though he attempted to brush himself into her fur and earn comfort for her and himself he continued to only get a taste of the cold shoulder he was beginning to realize the Orange-Shadow was in all retrospect’s capable of giving. Before long they were lying with their backs against one another despite the fact they had begun to share a nest only days after he had arrived. As the moon dragged across the night Yukiteru discovered his time here was over. He would have felt like a bastard having left Shadow-Tribe without a healer yet Yvaine was here, and though he hated to admit it the she-cat could replace him here as the healer. Getting up the cold stone scrapped against his paw as he began to leave the camp, the only thing he looked back at was the shaded ginger pelt of the she-cat who had grown to become his closest friend in this Tribe.

Sadly he wondered if she was more loyal to Shadow-Tribe than she was he.

Things had gone to hell so quickly. Just yesterday things were somewhat alright in Shadow-Tribe, minus the whole Yellow-Shadow being tortured situation. But besides that, Shadow-Tribe had been doing alright. The Silver-Shadow had even led them on a raid! Their Tribe had been holding out fine; they had suffered fewer losses than Earth-Tribe in the past moons, and they hadn’t had to exile any cats like Fire-Tribe did. They were alright; they were safe.

At least they were. And then all hell broke loose at the Gathering. Silently, Eryx padded back among her Tribemates, wondering how things could have gone wrong so quickly. She didn’t really believe in the Tribes’ lore until now that she had seen the resurrection of Alriyel. Now… Now she wasn’t so sure of what she believed. She did, however, not trust her leader’s judgment to ally himself with the calico tom. Something was off about him, Eryx could feel it in her bones. With all of the other Tribes besides Air-Tribe choosing to not join Alriyel, Eryx could feel that it wouldn’t end well. She had been preparing for war against the Golden Butterflies. But now it seemed that she would have to fight the other Tribes if it came down to that, and she was almost certain that it would. To make it worse, the Spirits had been on the side of the other leaders; the Fire Spirit had even wanted to kill Alriyel. If the Spirits were actually real, and Eryx was starting to really believe that they were, she would find herself in the middle of a holy war.
Sighing, the Orange-Shadow headed directly for her nest upon returning to camp. Her mind was going a mile a minute, and she wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do now. She was scared. She didn’t trust Alriyel and his followers, which meant that she didn’t trust the Silver-Shadow anymore. What was she to do? Where was she to go?

Eryx tensed as Yuki joined her in her nest, too worked up to even share her thoughts with her best friend. How could she vocalize all of her fears to the Green-Light? A piece of her knew that she should since he was so level-headed, but she found that she couldn’t. How would he feel if she told him she didn’t feel loyal to her Tribe at the moment? Would he look down on her if she left? Instead of talking to him, she simply tossed and turned in her nest, trying to find a comfortable position. She finally ended up back to back with the dark tomcat, and actually almost ended up drifting off to sleep.

Just as she was entering a light doze, a movement stirred her. Yuki had left their nest. Turning, Eryx watched as he padded out of the den and across camp. In that instant she understood completely; she knew what he was going to do. She couldn’t explain how she had come to that conclusion, but she knew it deep within her soul that her best friend was going back to his Tribe. Rising, the Orange-Shadow quickly padded after him, determined to speak to him before he left.

”Yuki!” she called in a soft whisper as she crossed the camp. Once she caught up with him, she looked into his blue eyes and just stopped. What could she say to him? She wanted to beg him to stay, even though just hours ago she had contemplated leaving. How could she just let him slip away from her? Once he had come to camp Shadow-Tribe had really started to feel like home; she couldn’t loose him now. He was her rock; her best friend. And Alriyel be damned she would not let him leave her.

Straightening, she looked at the face that sometimes she just wanted to slap with an expression that told him there would be no arguing. ”Yukiteru,” she mewed evenly, so that he knew that she meant business. She only referred to him as Yukiteru whenever she was angry or serious. ”I’m coming with you.” She waited for him to open his mouth, to argue and tell her that her place was in Shadow-Tribe, but instead she was greeted with a loving smile and a look of mirth in those deep blue eyes. ”You’re my best friend, and there is no way in hell that you’re leaving without me. Wherever you go, I follow, you ass. So, if your leader will have me, you’ll never get rid of me.”
The she-cat smiled at her companion, feeling a weight leave her chest. As her tattoo slowly faded to Black, Eryx wanted to shout, to cry. For the first time in her life she felt as light as air, and the fear of the Silver-Light rejecting her plea didn’t even cross her mind. She would be alright somehow, even if she had to become a loner. She was free.
[TGB|| But don't take love off the table yet]
Cause tonight
It's just fire alarms and losing you
We love a lot
So we only lose a little
But we are alive
We are alive

We're gonna die
It's just a matter of time
Hard times come
Good times go
I'm either gone in an instant
Or here til the bitter end
I, I never know
What I've got will make you feel more alive
I'll be your favorite drug, I will get you high

1299 words; points to ST and LT!

Collaborative piece written between myself and FameTheGame

So yeah Eryx is leaving ST for the duration of this plot, if she's allowed back in later. For now she's hoping to move to Light-Tribe, but that decision is up to Basil. If she is not allowed to join Light-Tribe with Yuki she'll most likely become a loner or just suck it up and return home. So really it all depends on how Basil takes it!

I rly fawking love Yukiryx like best brotp ever man
TGB Black-Shadow Eryx by Baerrito
TGB Black-Shadow Eryx

Edit 11/16/14: She's leaving ST in hopes of going to LT to avoid all of the Alriyel shit
Edit 7/7/14: Updated ref for the age up! New app art was drawn by my fantastic friend rrath <33 Go give Rath some love
Edit 3/14/14: Finished her app!
Edit 3/8/14: History and relations section have been completed! Personality is still a WIP
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the beautiful design was one I adopted from NinjaCheetah
If anyone wants to play any other her brothers/cousins/family members let me know! The only ones who are not open are Snake and Severus eue


"Here is the thing about equality: everyone's equal when they're dead"

"You are what you love, not who loves you"

"I'm never going back; the past is in the past"

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell"

"Crash, crash burn; let it all burn. This hurricane is chasing us all underground.... there is a fire inside of this heart and a riot about to explode into flames"

"On a mountain he sits, not of gold but of shit... On his face is a map of the world. From yesterday it's coming. From yesterday, the fear. From yesterday it calls him, but he doesn't want to read the message here"

General Info

Name: Eryx (AIR-ix)
Kit name: Jenna
Gender: Female
Age: 18 moons
Rank Guard


Breed: American Shorthair X Moggie
Build: When it comes to her build, Eryx doesn’t particularly fit the idea of a small, petite build of a female. In fact, she doesn’t really have a feminine build at all. Instead, Eryx has found herself leaning towards the stocky side of the spectrum. Well, it’s not just that Eryx is stocky… she’s also a little chunky. It is possible that at the moment she still has her baby fat, which will leave her as she graduates to adulthood, but it is generally unknown. She’s also relatively short with small, lean muscles. In summation she’s “short, fat and proud of that.”
Pelt: Eryx gets her good looks from her father’s side of the family. Like her father Barnabas Eryx was born with short, thin fur. This fur is perfect during late spring and summer, but it is a real nuisance in the winter. Her pelt is a soft shade of ginger, just a little duller than autumn leaves. She has a lighter underbelly and paws, with part of the color extending onto the underside of her tail. She has several dorsal stripes, each darkening in color as they get closer to her spine. Along with those stripes, she has darker stripes that start towards her hindquarters, extending down to her back legs and all the way up her tail.
Size and Stature: As stated previously, Eryx is a relatively short cat with a stocky build. She is for the most part lanky, with only a little bit of muscle on her legs. Her neck and torso are thick, but that’s mainly chub at this point. With a little training and hard work she may lose that fat and become decently muscled, though it’s expected that she will never get too big. Chances are that she will always appear lanky, no matter how strong she becomes.
Gait: Eryx has a relaxed gait most of the time, which can be described as more of a lollop. She tends to roll forward into her steps, which may be due to her cumbersome size. Her pace is relaxed most of the time, generally going slow. Her pawsteps are loud and clumsy, which makes her a poor hunter at best.
Expression: When it comes to her expression, Eryx rocks the “vaguely pissed off” look most of the time. When she’s not sporting that charmer, she usually looks like a cocky jerk. With the latter she usually has a sly smirk on her maw, somewhat matching her tattoo, and a devious look in her pale eyes. She seems to have some sort of adventurous sparkle in her eyes at all times, which is something that can never be dulled.
Accessories: Eryx currently only has an eyebrow piercing, which is located above her left eye.

Tribe info

Current Tribe: Shadow-Tribe
Past Tribe(s): None
Current Rank:
Past ranks: Loner
Tattoo: Orange-Shadow
Past Tattoos: Black-Shadow| Pink-Orange-Shadow
Skill set: Secondary


Is This A Name?

You start to learn the meaning of true names and how to use them!


Seeing The Soul

You can see the flow of energy through the body of other animals, what they refer to as their soul!


Control Through The Name 1

Using your understanding of souls and names, you start to be able to control small animals and insects by commanding them with their true names! Requires a LOT of energy.


Understanding Of Emotions

By looking at the souls of other cats, you become able to vaguely detect how they are feeling.


Control Through The Name 2

You start to be able to control Medium sized animals using their true names! Requires a LOT of energy.



You start to get a strict control over your own emotions, now being able to blend them out completely at will.


Orientation: Homosexual
Romanticism: Biromantic (strong female preference)
Current attractions/crushes: Yellow-Light Niamh
Past attractions/crushes: Omnia
Mate: N/A
Past mate: N/A
-Calico pelts or stripes
- Amber eyes
- Flirty
- Accepting
- Adventurous
- Patient


Positive: Clever| Perceptive| Romantic| Adventurous

Clever|| One of the things that Eryx likes best about herself would have to be her cleverness. Though the she-cat may not show it, she is very clever when she needs/wants to be. She seems to know just what to say in order to persuade a tom or she-cat to tell her what information she needs. She enjoys confusing them, manipulating them with her words and turn of phrase. It’s like some sort of game for her, seeing how long it takes her to outwit another cat to get what she wants out of them. She’s also clever in other ways. Stuck in a tight spot? No worries, Eryx will get you out of it. This ginger she-cat has found herself blessed with the abilities to quickly come up with a plan to get herself out of a tight fix in a jiffy.

Perceptive|| There’s no hiding things when it comes to Eryx. The Orange-Shadow is incredibly perceptive, finding that she can read cats very well. Sometimes she can read a cat better than they themselves. When it comes to lying, cats can just forget it. This she-cat can spot the subtle signs that another is lying, and she’ll probably call them out on it. Of course, a few expert liars are bound to get past her defenses, but there’s nothing she can do about that. Even the best of the best are outdone one day! She has also found that she is decent at reading other cats’ emotions, mainly repressed ones. She’s the type of cat to blurt out, “you love him/her, don’t you?” at the moment. There are cats that are very difficult for her to read, such as the Silver-Shadow, but she can usually at least perceive what they might be feeling. It is harder for her to penetrate their deeper and possibly hidden emotions, though.

Romantic|| Comes as a bit of a shocker for Eryx doesn’t it? Well, shocker or not, this she-cat sure is one heck of a romantic! When she finds a cat that she’s attracted to, you’d better bet that she’d do everything she could to woo them: romantic strolls, star gazing, gift giving, you name it. Eryx will make sure that she compliments her partner at every chance she gets, always letting her know just how beautiful she is. When Eryx finds the one, well, there’s a possibility that she’ll never snap out of her constant romance mode. She’ll probably end up trying to woo her mate every day, even though she already has her. This includes constant gifts, cuddles, and probably flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.

Adventurous|| Adventure is out there! That’s what Eryx believes at least. This she-cat is always eager to go on a new adventure, no matter what it may be. To her, going out and having new experiences is the best kind of thing you could ever do. Usually she’ll be the cat to volunteer to go on any sort of errand or expedition that her Tribe needs, so that she can play if up as some kind of grand adventure. And if nothing like that is going on? She’ll make up her own! She’ll most likely attempt to grab a companion and go exploring. Perhaps she would take them to the sinkhole and play “escape from the quicksand,” most likely by herself.

Neutral: Secretive| Introverted| Stubborn| Rebellious

Secretive|| “Secrets Secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone!” Yeah, right! When it comes to Eryx, this wily she-cat believes that they are meant to remain secret. That’s why they have that name, right? Well, Eryx thinks so at least. Though she may be young and relatively unassuming, the she-cat actually has some rather large secrets that she keeps to herself. The biggest one would be that she is indeed homosexual, but that secret is kept due to fear. She is afraid that other cats will have the same reaction that her father did, thus believing that she must never tell anybody about her attraction to she-cats. She also finds that she tends to keep her past a secret, never revealing much more than she came from a place with a lot of cats. She’ll mention her brothers, but that’s it. The rest she leaves up to the imagination of others, much like, to her disdain if she were to know, her father Barnabas did many moons ago.

Introverted|| Appearances aren’t everything are they? Most cats would assume that with her adventurous, larger than life personality that Eryx would be a social butterfly. But, as it turns out, she’s quite the opposite. Instead, Eryx is rather introverted, as a result of her past. She is terrified of being judged harshly by others for something she cannot change, which has rendered her this way. Not that that’s a bad thing, though! While her introversion makes her shy and slow to talk to others, it also has its benefits. Her introverted nature makes her a fantastic listener, since she’s not much of a talker (at first anyways. Once you befriend her she never shuts up!). She also is very self-sufficient because of this, as knows how to get by on her own. Her need for affection is quite low, and she has found that she is more than content with solitude.

Stubborn|| “Stubborn like an ox” does not even begin to describe Eryx in terms of this trait. The ginger she-cat is stubborn to the core; it’s almost like she is unable to back down. Once Eryx decides on how she feels on something, a cat will be hard-pressed to convince her of anything otherwise. She’ll hold tight to her beliefs, even if she sees the little cracks and flaws in them. Not only that, but once she’s decided on how she feels about a certain cat she will not change her opinion. It wouldn’t matter if this cat did a complete 180, she would still feel disdain towards them. It would take them basically saving her life for her to give up and change her mind. She is also stubborn in the sense that she will refuse help, preferring to take care of things herself. Chock it up to pride or whatever, she won’t care. She will refuse any help she is offered unless she truly and genuinely needs it. And when she finally does cave, you’d better not breathe a word of it to another cat lest you want those words to be your last.

Rebellious|| Erxy isn’t exactly the type of cat to play by the rules. In fact, she sees rules as things that are meant to be broken. Any rules set down by the Spirits? Mere suggestions! According to Eryx, cats have to make their own rules; they need to be in charge of themselves. Just following rules like some mindless drone is stupid to this adolescent, and she makes sure that every cat knows it. If her Silver-Shadow were to forbid her from doing something, chances are she would sneak off and do it anyways. It most likely wouldn’t even be because she wanted to do the thing either; it’d be because she wanted to be bad.

Negative: Petty| Craven| Selfish| Unethical

Petty|| Kind of ironic that a cat who strives to be seen as an equal is in fact petty isn’t it? Well, she is believe it or not. Eryx, though she would never admit it, is extremely narrow minded when it comes to certain ideas. In a way she can be classified as opinionated, but petty suits her more. Small, almost irrelevant things that cats say and/or do irk her to no end, though it’s mainly opinions that bring out her pettiness. This ginger she-cat cannot stand when cats’ opinions differ from hers in any way. They could have the same general idea but a few different minor details and Eryx would still be dissatisfied. For her, you’re either completely with her or you’re wrong, and that’s that. Just be warned, if a cat ever engages her in a conversation that involves opinions, they’d better be ready for some backlash. Especially if they’re speaking about the afterlife, as that is a subject that gets Eryx all fired up.

Craven|| Despite her rough and tough looks, Eryx is a complete and utter coward right down to the core. Though she has no problems calling other cats out on their fears and even mocking them with “Oh come on it’s not even that scary!” this she-cat cannot take what she dishes out. Instead, Eryx has found that there are numerous things that scare her out of her wits. Eryx is aware that she is a coward, but she won’t change. This is because she is too scared to even thinking about facing her fears. The whole idea of confronting what she fears the most head on with no escape terrifies her to no end. If there were ever to be another war, Shadow-Tribe would not be able to depend on Eryx. Nope, not in the slightest. If she ever got a whiff of danger, she would start plotting her escape. She may journey to the battlefield with her Tribe, but there would be no way in the name of the Spirits that she would fight alongside them! Instead, she would wait for the opportune moment and then tear out of there like a bat out of hell. This also means that if there is ever a skirmish at the border she will give up easily and flee.

Selfish|| As can be seen by her craven nature, Eryx is an extraordinarily selfish she-cat. This Shadow-Triber has little to no loyalty within her. Well, loyalty towards others that is. Eryx’s only true loyalty lies with herself, as she sees herself as being the cat that comes first. She will put her own needs and wants before everyone else’s, even when it is crucial for her to pitch in and help. While being a little selfish is good, as least according to Ayn Rand, Eryx takes it over the edge. If her Tribe is starving and the queens, kits, and elders need food, she will make sure that she eats before all of them. She’d end up defending herself by saying that by eating she was gaining strength to go hunt some more. If she sees something she desires, well you’d better bet that she will get it. Even if she has to step on a few other cats in the process she will get it, as she’s all about attaining her own goals and finding her own happiness. Who cares is you step on a few throats along the way anyways?

Unethical|| Big shocker after seeing how selfish and craven she is, isn’t it? Well, Eryx really isn’t about that ethical life. She’s looking out for number one, and as long as she is alright nothing else matters. She’d be willing to let mothers and kittens potentially starve in order to feed herself. She would let a Tribemate sacrifice themself to save her, but she would never in her life sacrifice herself for another or for Shadow-Tribe (save for the possible exception of her mate if she ever gets one). She believes that it’s perfectly alright to lie, cheat, and steal so long as it benefits you in any way, shape or form. Who cares about how it’ll affect others? Not Eryx! She’ll lie and manipulate others to do what she wants so that she may attain a goal, but will never help them out in return. She masks this side of her pretty well, so it’s difficult to dig down and see where her values (or lack thereof) lie.


Cut through the heart, cold and clear

Barnabas was not one to talk about his past. Maybe that’s why he was so alluring to all of the she-cats. Any time they tried to get close and discover his past, he pushed them away. He always gave them the same simple, suave smirk and a gentle chuckle, telling them that that was a story for another day. Too bad that he never really revealed who he was and where he had come from.

Though Barnabas would never admit it, he came from two dishonorable cats, though they never mentioned that they were dishonorable. Instead, they told their son tales of how his father, a hulking tomcat with a gray circle over his left eye, was a magnificent warrior destined for greatness. Well, until another cat was prophesized to take over their old homeland and a huge war broke out as a result. His father had fought on the side of the tom, known as the Golden Butterfly, and had been exiled for his treacherous actions. Though Barnabas and his siblings were simply told that their father had been fighting for the Golden Butterfly since some dead cats called The Spirits said it would happen. He thought he was fighting for the Spirits, and for fate.

Well, that’s what Barnabas was told anyways. They never mentioned how his father, Oedipus, was a greedy, horrible cat who would have slaughtered anyone who got in his way. They also failed to mention that the mother, Antigone, had only become Oedipus’ mate after stalking him and then saving his life. They did, however, tell their kittens about the Tribes, which would become beneficial in the years to come.

That’s enough about Barnabas’ kithood, and really it’s more than he’d care for anyone to know. Moving on, Barnabas had grown up with several siblings, most of whom were not of any concern of his. He had a weak bond with his little sister Andromeda, but that was really it. He couldn’t wait for the day that he could leave his family for good, strike out on his own and really make something of himself. Then he would be living the high life.

Well, that was until Andromeda decided that she would accompany him. The Black-Shadow had asked her brother, sporting a Gray-Water tattoo, if she could join him. Unable to deny her wish, the tomcat had agreed to let her journey with him, though he quickly came to regret the idea.

Andromeda was loud, whiny, and obnoxious. It wasn’t the best combination since Barnabas was relatively stoic, sly, and apathetic. He felt like his little sister was cramping his style; he wanted to live the life of luxury! He didn’t want to be babysitting his practically adult sister at the time. So, he did what any loving older brother would do: he ditched her first chance he got. He did use the false pretense that he missed their family and was going to find them, though. Top notch brother right here.

Barnabas continued his travels for a little while, now solo. He was growing into a fine young adult, becoming rather muscular. He also had developed a certain way with the she-cats, and boy did he love to flaunt that. He was an attractive sweet-talker, one that any she-cat would have been amazed by. Well, any she-cat but one.


Strike for love and strike for fear

In his many escapades, Barnabas managed to meet somebody, somebody who completely swept him off of his paws. She was an absolutely gorgeous silvery-gray chinchilla pelted she-cat with some of the most stunning blue eyes that he had ever seen. She had a crisp, sweet voice that reeled the tom right in, so much that he found he could never quite get away. Her name was Jabaliya.

Jabaliya, however, was not interested in the tom in any way, shape, or form. She saw him as a ragged, scrawny tomcat who could barely survive on his own. She, on the other paw, lived with a large “band” so to say. There were numerous cats in this clan, all falling into line under a single leader. This cat was the biggest and strongest of them all; he had earned his position through combat, proving that he was the best equipped to take care of the others.

Barnabas instantly resented this tom, named Phalanx. He was just as good as that oversized fluff-monster! And he was prepared to show it. Though he did not join the band, he made sure that he could spend every possible moment trying to woo Jabaliya. He would wait until she left to hunt for the day and then proceed to follow her around, basically scaring off any prey that she might have been able to catch. He was relentless, and pretty creepy as well.

Phalanx, realizing that Jabaliya was returning every day with barely any prey, confronted her about this. Surely she knew that she could not slack off, not when there were hungry cats to feed? She had to pull her weight, and if she didn’t she would be exiled from the band. Jabaliya quickly told her leader about Barnabas, how he was the one who was responsible for her suddenly poor hunting. Phalanx didn’t like the sound of that one bit, and he decided that he would take care of the situation immediately.

The older tom sent Jabaliya out the next morning, as he always did. Though this time he waited and trailed behind her, giving her a head start so that Barnabas wouldn’t catch wind of his plan. It worked, for when he crept forward he began to hear Jabaliya talking quite harshly, as well as a rough male voice. Slinking forward, the leader was able to peer out from a clump of ferns to see that Barnabas was indeed harassing his subordinate.

Springing out of the bushes, Phalanx immediately tried to scare the tomcat off. He told Barnabas that he was in no way allowed to associate himself with Jabaliya, as she was a member of his band. And only band members were allowed to speak to other band members. He gave Barnabas and ultimatum: clear out of Phalanx’s lands or be executed. The decision had to be made then, and then forever upheld by the rogue tom.

Barnabas, being the cocky cat he was, chose the latter of the two options. Well, indirectly he did. He spat at Phalanx, and told the older tom that if he wanted to get rid of Barnabas he would have to do it himself. He would not back down nor would he leave; he would fight the gray leader to the death if he had to.

With that, Phalanx dropped any hope of diplomacy he had and sprang for the ginger tom, claws unsheathed and ready to kill. Barnabas met him head-on, baring his teeth in a lethal snarl. Phalanx was an experienced warrior, one who had climbed his way to being the top fighter in his little bamd. He was a fighting guru, and it seemed like he could not be beaten.

Barnabas, however, could not be out of the count just yet. While he was less experienced than Phalanx, he did have one major advantage: the advantage of youth. Barnabas was a young tom with rippling muscles and vigor. It was with this energy and vigor that the rogue managed to pin the older tomcat down after a heated fight, and it was the reason that Phalanx lost his life at that moment.

That was when Jabaliya exclaimed that Barnabas was the new leader of the band.

There’s beauty and there’s danger here

Barnabas was amazed and surprised to find out that he was now the leader, but it was true. He had vanquished his foe, the former leader, in skilled combat. He had bested Phalanx, making him the most capable warrior in all of the lands. He was the best one to defend everybody else, and he could rule over them all.

Barnabas was amazed by the look of awe in Jabaliya’s eyes when she explained what the leader was and why he was in the position. She looked so lovestruck and hopeful. Dropping any negative feelings about this whole leader business, Barnabas accepted immediately, only thinking of how this position could bring him closer to the pretty silver she-cat.

Of course they did have to tell the band. They did, though, and Barnabas wasn’t exactly given the warmest of welcomes. Cats had liked Phalanx; he had been strict yet kind. And now some random rogue had killed him in order to usurp the now deceased leader. It was sickening. It was horrific. It was law.

The cats of the band felt that they had to obey that rule that they had set fourth, which meant that Barnabas was indeed the leader of their little band. The tom graciously accepted the position, and promised them that he would try his best to improve their lives. And the first way he could start would be by appointing an “alpha female” of sorts to rule at his side and help keep him in line. This position was of course offered to none other than Jabaliya, who, much to the surprise of others, accepted immediately. Though Jabaliya felt no love for Barnabas, she was completely intrigued by the idea of getting to rule alongside him. And that was worth having to fake being in love.

It was more than just that, unfortunately enough for Jabaliya. Within a few moons of their “mateship” the she-cat found that she was pregnant with Barnabas’ kits. Utterly disgusted with the idea of having the tomcat’s kits, she contemplated running from the territory every day. She didn’t want to have kittens with him, no, he was a monster. He was a sick, twisted cat who didn’t deserve to have kittens with anyone, let alone her. Every day she cursed herself and the unborn kittens, wishing that she would not have to bare them into such a horrible world.

Well, Jabaliya got her wish. A moon into her pregnancy, and just after she had finally told Barnabas, an epidemic struck the small band. Cats were beginning to suddenly become ill with a horrible disease that basically rendered the ill cat useless. The cats who were not ill, Jabaliya luckily being one of them, were sent out on hunting and patrol duties as normal, though now they all had to partake in herb gathering expeditions. Jabaliya in particular took part in many of such expeditions.

On one such trip, the beautiful she-cat had found an abundance of herbs that would be helpful to all of the sick cats. She was completely overjoyed, for even though she hated her mate she still loved all of her band-mates dearly. Eagerly plucking the herbs, she wasn’t giving a single thought to her surroundings. That is why she never heard the growls that had suddenly come up behind her. Her body was found bloody and torn to shreds, brutally mauled by a badger, only hours later.

Beware of frozen heart

Barnabas took this loss horribly, for he had truly loved Jabaliya even if the feelings weren’t reciprocated. To him, Jabaliya was everything; she was the light of his life. And now the light of his life had been extinguished, and he was left with nothing. No mate, not even the children that she would have bore him. He didn’t even have them to help ease his pain.

Instead, he had a small she-cat by the name of Azania, who had been Jabaliya’s best friend. The entire time that Jabaliya had been with Barnabas Azania had watched from afar, jealous of all her friend had. She too wished to be a co-leader of sorts, especially with a tom as attractive as Barnabas. She felt that now was her time; she could swoop in and comfort him about the loss of his mate. Then, over time, he would begin to fall in love with her, eventually taking her on as his new mate.

However, that never really was the case. Barnabas was an angry, bitter cat after that. He didn’t care for the company of others, and being around Azania only made him angry. She spoke of Jabaliya so fondly and lovingly; he hated it. She wasn’t good enough to even speak his beloved mate’s name! He deeply wished that it had been Azania who had been killed by the badger, though he chose to never say those words aloud. Instead he chose to remain apathetic towards her, only speaking to her when he needed something.

It was only when he was reminded that he needed heirs that he changed his tune. The tom knew that Azania was in love with him, that much was obvious. And he also knew that he needed to have an heir, a cat that he could pass on his title of leader to. This cat would grow up to be big and strong, so that when Barnabas was old he could just hand the title off. That way he wouldn’t meet the same grisly end as old Phalanx had. He would beat the system.

Though he was still utterly disgusted by her entire existence, the tom forced himself to flirt with her on a day to day basis. Naïve to the core, Azania bought his act, believing that her plan was working. Their mateship was quick and haphazard, with Barnabas just wanting to get everything over with as quickly as possible. Once she provided him with kittens he would have no use for her, which meant that he would never have to deal with her again. With those thoughts, he quickly set to work on executing that portion of his plan.

For the first time in forever

He didn’t have to try and execute his plan for very long, for less than a moon later Azania announced her pregnancy. The second she announced it was the moment that Barnabas realized that he could start to sink back into his loathing, apathetic state. He quickly did so, only really speaking to Azania from time to time. Everyone, including Azania herself, figured that it was his nerves. After all, he had already lost one pregnant mate; he was probably scared to lose Azania. That was completely acceptable.

Except that it wasn’t acceptable at all. Barnabas wasn’t there at all for his pregnant mate. He wasn’t even there for the birth of their kittens! Instead, he came in a few hours after they had all been born, when they were sleeping at their exhausted mother’s side. She too had been sleeping, tired of waiting for her mate to come and see their children. She did wake soon after he arrived, and truthfully right before he was about to leave, so it all worked out for her.

They had four kittens, three sons and a daughter. Barnabas suggested that they name the kittens right off the bat, most likely so that he wouldn’t have to make a second trip to the nursery to see them. Azania agreed, though, thinking that he was just being a doting father.

Upon examining them, the two cats agreed to name their one son, a blackish cat that looked like Azania, Orpheus. The young tom was given a name that was a sort of variation of Oedipus, or at least that’s what Barnabas said, though he never told his mate who Oedipus was. Their second son, a white and brown tom that resembled Antigone, was named Thor, after a friend of Azania’s. Next was a handsome ginger and white tabby tom, who was given the name of Hannibal.

That left just one kit, their only daughter. Barnabas examined her for a moment, noting how she had taken almost directly after him. She had a thick dorsal stripe down her back, which only got darker as she went. Rich stripes covered her hindquarters, a trait received from his sister Sif. She was absolutely beautiful, so Barnabas gave her the first name that came to his mind: Jenna.

Jenna and her brothers had a relatively normal upbringing. Well, normal if an absent and neglectful father is factored into the equation. Azania was distraught by the departure of her mate, and chose to do everything she could to win him back. She primped and pampered her kits, always trying to make them look their best so that their father would see what handsome children they had together. She hoped that by seeing them like that he would be proud of them, and maybe want to be a family.

That never did happen, and Barnabas basically did steer clear of the nursery at all times. He did speak to Jenna and her siblings whenever they ventured away from their mother without her supervision, but it was never about anything of importance. Instead, he always seemed to be distracted, as if he wasn’t really there all the time. The kittens didn’t care, though, and Jenna loved him regardless of how he behaved. He was her father, and that was all that mattered.

Conceal, don’t feel

As time rolled by, Jenna and her brothers’ sixth moon came and went. At that time, their father had declared that they were indeed old enough to begin training so that they could be of use to their band. It was a little weird for the kits, having to say goodbye to their mother and have their own individual nests. They got used to it pretty quickly, for their mother had been pretty much absent in the past few moons. Plus they weren’t alone. They had each other, as well as several younger denmates that had joined them.

Only a little after Jenna and her siblings had been born, a litter of two other kits was brought into the world. The proud parents went by the names of Holden and Qila, who happened to be Jabaliya’s sister. The two cats, who actually were in love, brought a son and daughter into the world at that time: Imhotep and Omnia. Imhotep was a little jerk, always running around and bragging, but Omnia was pretty cool. In fact, Jenna was extremely fond of the other she-cat.

Around this time strange things began to happen. One of the first and foremost of these strange things were that strange gray and black markings appeared on the young cats’ heads. Every other cat in the clan had them, but none of the others had cared to explain what they were and what they meant. Curious, the young cats questioned Azania, but she gave no answer. Instead she just looked blankly at her children with big, doleful eyes. Qila was the same, though she chose to snort and roll her eyes at mentions of the weird markings, disregarding the skeletal wings on her back.

It wasn’t until a kindly older she-cat named Xolelwa took the apprentices aside that they learned what was happening. Xolelwa, adorned with a beautiful black floral tattoo on her left shoulder, told them all about the Tribes. She spoke of their lore, of Nandryx, and of the Golden Butterfly. Though she hadn’t been alive at the time, her father, Peugeot, had told her all about them. She told the cats that this was the Spirits calling for all of their lost children, lamenting their absence from the Tribes.

She also knew enough to know which Tribe each of the young cats would have belonged to. She told Hannibal that he would have gone to Water-Tribe, much like his father would have. Imhotep would have stayed with his mother in Air-Tribe, and Orpheus would have joined him.  Xolelwa told Thor that he would have joined her in a Tribe called Earth-Tribe, much to his pleasure, as he loved plants. Then came Omnia, who would have been blessed with gifts of healing in a Tribe called Light-Tribe. Then came little Jenna, who had a weird black grin-marking across her maw. With a  slightly troubled look, Xolelwa told the young she-cat that she would have belonged to Shadow-Tribe, though it had been destroyed quite some time ago.

Jenna didn’t care in the least that Shadow-Tribe didn’t exist anymore; it did in her head! She and her siblings would play games after training each and every day; they would fanaticize that they were parts of the Tribes. They also liked to play the Golden Butterfly War as a game, in which they each fought for their own Tribe while one of them played the Golden Butterfly. What a time it was to be alive.

Omnia sometimes joined in their games too, much to Jenna’s delight. She loved playing with Omnia. After all, she was such a smart and talented cat with so much potential. Not to forget that she was also very pretty. Though Jenna was extremely young, she was starting to become attracted to the other she-cat, not to recognize this until a little later on.

As her attraction to Omnia silently grew, Barnabas pulled his daughter aside one day. He told her that he had spoken with Holden and Qila and come to a fantastic decision: Jenna would be Imhotep’s mate when they were older. That way Barnabas could ensure that his daughter would have a strong mate to protect her, one who no doubt could be a great leader if the duty was thrust upon him. Plus he secretly wanted her to be Imhotep’s mate so that he could still have some sort of connection with Jabaliya, whom he never stopped loving.

Jenna was of course distraught. She didn’t like Imhotep at all, so there was no way that she wanted to be that pig’s mate later on in life! She told her father this, to which he said that she could grow to love Imhotep. Stubborn as an ox, the smaller she-cat refused her father for a second time. She then made the grave mistake of reporting that she was much fonder of Omnia, and that she would rather have her than Imhotep any day.

Angry and distraught at what his daughter had told him, Barnabas snapped. He told her that she had no choice in the whole ordeal, as he was her father. Not only that, but he told her that her and Omnia would never be able to work that way, since she could not help provide Jenna with kits. He told his daughter to never speak of anything of the sort, and if she did she would be severely punished.

That perfect girl is gone

Jenna never did tell her father anything about Omnia ever again, though that didn’t really mean much. In just a few moons the young she-cat found herself falling “in love” with her best friend. She was a beautiful and amazing she-cat, one that Jenna would have loved to spend her life with. Her feelings towards Omnia were more obvious to her now, and in fact she seemed to have trouble reigning them in all together. Any time she spent with Omnia was magical, butterfly-in-the-belly-filled perfection.

Unfortunately, Omnia didn’t return the feelings. This wasn’t something realized and acknowledged by Jenna until the two were ten moons old. In that time, a new apprentice had made his way to the group, having been found starving and almost dead at nine moons old. The tom’s name was Jarvis, and Omnia was smitten by him.

That was a huge blow for Jenna, to see her best friend and love interest fall for another cat. She sat through Omnia gushing about how cute and perfect the tomcat was, and how she would love to be his girlfriend someday. All the while Jenna had to restrain herself from having an outburst and confessing her feelings to Omnia.

Worse yet, her father still planned to have her become mates with Imhotep. He told her that when she reached the age of eighteen moons she would become his mate, and then they would have kittens. Jenna longed to tell her father that that wasn’t what she wanted, that she wanted Omnia and only Omnia, but she knew that her father would punish her if she said such a thing. The idea of his daughter with another she-cat was horrifying to him for some reason, and Jenna didn’t want to make him angry about something that probably would never happen.

It probably wouldn’t have changed if Jarvis hadn’t messed everything up. For a while Jarvis had been pretty close friend with Omnia, nothing much. It was a pretty casual friendship on his part, or so it had seemed. One day Omnia came bursting into the apprentices’ den, her eyes filled with joy. She quickly told Jenna that the best thing ever had happened to her: Jarvis had admitted that he had a crush on Omnia too. She could start being his girlfriend now! Of course she couldn’t be his mate until they were adults, but they could at least start being together.

Heartbroken, Jenna pretended to be happy for her best friend. Of course she was happy that Omnia was happy, but she couldn’t ignore the sinking feeling in her chest. She had fallen for Omnia, and now she could never have her. Completely crestfallen, she melancholy she-cat found herself going to her parents’ den for comfort.

Emotions being a complete whirlwind, Jenna couldn’t stop herself once she entered the den and saw her parents. She immediately commenced telling them what had happened, getting extremely emotional. She admitted to being in love with Omnia, and that she would have only accepted her father’s proposal for her to have a mate if it had been her.

After she finished, well, it wasn’t pretty. Her father was furious with her, screeching every insult he could at her. Her mother, who she expected at least some support from, turned around and agreed with Barnabas in one last ditch effort to get him to love her. Her parents were completely against her; they didn’t support her decisions nor did they care about her feelings. Feeling even worse, the she-cat turned and bolted from her parent’s den and kept going straight out of camp. She never turned back.

Let it go

Once she had gotten a far distance away from the band, Jenna finally stopped and thought about what would happen to her. Where would she go? What would she do? She was almost an adolescent, and it looked like she had to grow up now. Thinking back to what Xolelwa had told her about the Tribes, they seemed pretty accepting. Perhaps she would go and find them and beg them to let her join. Maybe if she joined she would be able to get her mind off of Omnia.

She traveled for several days, not really sure where she was going. She was lost, going in circles when Leto found her. Leto was an older tom with long brown fur and graying whiskers. He was traveling with his companions, Stump and Collin, looking for a nice place to live out the remainder of their days. And, as it just so happened, they knew where the Tribes were located.

Excited, Jenna quickly asked if they could show her the way. She explained that she didn’t have anywhere she belonged and that her family had abandoned her, so she hoped to find a place there. Blinking sympathetically at her, the Black-Shadow Leto agreed and showed her to the Tribes’ land.

Leaving her at the border of Nandryx, Leto bid her a farewell on the day that she turned twelve moons. The young she-cat padded into the territories, coming across a strange cat with a bright green marking on his forehead. When she inquired about where to go, he showed her the direction she had to go in order to find Shadow-Tribe, though he warned her that she might want to turn back now.

Ignoring the tomcat’s suggestion, she continued on ahead, finally coming across a ginger she-cat with an orange tattoo smacked across her maw. The Orange-Shadow grudgingly brought her back to camp, where she was to sit before the Silver-Shadow, a rather intimidating white tomcat with piercing eyes. After some deliberation, the Silver-Shadow finally agreed to let her join Shadow-Tribe.

At that moment her tattoo sprung to life, exchanging its black for a vibrant shade of pink with just a little bit of orange at either end. As her tattoo flared to life, the she-cat heard a soft male voice whisper in her ear, Eryx.


Grandfathers are Oedipus|| Gray-Fire|| Exile|| Deceased

Omar|| Black-Air|| Exile|| Deceased

Grandmothers are Antigone|| Black-Air|| Exile|| Deceased

Juliette|| Gray-Light|| Exile|| Deceased


Mother is Azania|| Black-Water|| Rogue|| Status unknown (presumed alive)

Father is Barnabas|| Gray-Water|| Rogue|| Status unknown (presumed alive)


Brothers are Hannibal|| Black-Water|| Rogue|| Status unknown (presumed alive)

Thor|| Gray-Earth|| Rogue|| Status unknown (presumed alive)

Orpheus|| Gray-Air|| Rogue|| Status unknown (presumed alive)


Aunts are Sif|| Black-Shadow|| Rogue|| Status unknown

Andromeda|| Black-Shadow|| Rogue|| Status uknown

Luna|| Gray-Light|| Rogue|| Deceased

Fantine|| Black-Earth|| Rogue|| Deceased

Cosette|| Gray-Fire|| Rogue|| Status uknown

Uncles are Xerxes|| Gray-Water|| Rogue|| Status unknown

Prometheus|| Gray-Fire|| Rogue|| Status unknown  

Aziz|| Black-Air|| Rogue|| Deceased

Javert|| Black-Shadow|| Rogue|| Deceased


Cousins are Severus|| Gray-Water|| Rogue|| Alive

Snake|| Gray-Water|| Rogue|| Alive

Viper|| Gray-Light|| Rogue|| Deceased

Python|| Gray-Shadow|| Rogue|| Status unknown

Primrose|| Black-Water|| Rogue|| Status unknown

Posy|| Black-Earth|| Rogue|| Status unknown


-Sea shells
-The dark
-Dominant she-cats

-Homophobic cats
-Goody two-shoes
-Tattle tales
-Submissive cats
-Her father
-Sitting still


Astraphobia- The fear of thunder and lightning
Bufonophobia- The fear of toads or toadfoals
Catagelophobia- The fear of being ridiculed
Enosiophobia- The fear of criticism
Nostophobia- The fear of returning home


Food: Vole
Color: Purple
Time of day: Night
Place: Unknown
Past time: Go on adventures
Weather: Sunny with no clouds
Sound: the sound of leaves crunching under paws
Word: Epitome

- Her voice actor would be Kat Dennings
-Eryx is actually very close to being transgendered
-At the moment I guess she would define herself as bigendered?
-She doesn't really know but she knows she isn't fully female
-Just because she's gay doesn't mean she can't appreciate an attractive tom when she sees one
-She feels like a fish out of water with her gender crisis and sexuality, so she feels like cats will automatically reject her
-She collects shells
- She has a tendency to form crushes and "fall in love" easily
-She prefers her true name to her kit name, but she refuses to tell strangers her true name
-Thus she has numerous aliases she goes by
-I originally had the other Toren kitten, who also would have gone to ST and have been named Eryx
-Most of the names from Eryx's past come from places/names in the "World War Z" book 

Theme songs:
- "Up in the Air" by Thirty Seconds to Mars
- "Bang the Doldrumbs" by Fall Out Boy
- "Save Rock and Roll" by Fall Out Boy
- "Young Volcanos" by Fall Out Boy
- "Let it Go" from "Frozen"
- "Let Her Go" by Passenger
- "Hurricane" by Thirty Seconds to Mars
- "From Yesterday" by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Rp Examples

Taken from an rp with FameForADay

[Green-Earth| Kokkinos| Pheasant Woods]

The large Earth-Tribe tomcat continued to meander through the woods, not really looking for any place in particular. He contemplated stopping several times, perhaps hunting, but rejected it each time. Things like that wouldn't really help him in the long run he knew. No, instead he had to get over what was really bothering him: the aftermath of the caiman war. He had heard the healers speak of this sort of problem, apparently the Silver-Fire suffered from it too. From what he had gathered from the Orange-Lights that had healed him, cats often suffered long-term side effects from particularly traumatizing events. Traumatizing events like the Caiman War. One had said that constant night-terrors were a symptom, and the Green-Earth now found himself questioning his mental health.

What if he did have this thing that the healers had mentioned? They had also said that sometimes a cat's personality completely changed; sometimes the world's nicest cat became a sadistic maniac. Just the thought of turning into something like that, a monster, sent chills down the snowshoe's spine. Being a "gentle giant" for lack of better words, Kokkinos was never the type to hurt others. The idea of intentionally hurting another cat, whether it be mentally or physically, made the brown and white tomcat sick to his stomach. He could never imagine becoming somebody else, a cat who actually would hurt others. He feared that it would happen to him, but more importantly, he feared how it would affect the ones he cared for.

If he did completely change, who would receive the brunt of the damage? His tribe mates would of course have to suffer with him if he ever became that way, but there were so many more. An image of a gray tomcat with piercing eyes came into Kokkinos' mind, the green tattoo around his eye offsetting his vibrant eyes. Asher. What would Asher do if Kokkinos succumbed to this? The two of them were close, like brothers. Kokkinos worried that something like that would hurt Asher beyond repair. Not just Asher would be hurt by that, too. Tuari, despite the recent ups and downs the Silver-Water and Green-Earth had gone through, would be distraught if he became somebody else. And so would her.... her kits. Kokkinos tried not to think about that too much, despite the fact that he adored them. There was too much pain with those thoughts.

Zarya. The healer Yellow-Light, a close friend of Kokkinos', would be effected. As would Nebu, Caspia, Eileen, Zayne, and numerous others. A little bit of warmth crept though the tom once he realized how many cats he knew and cared about, who most likely cared for him too. And, of course, the ones that were now gone that had cared for him.

As if he was trying to bring himself more pain, the Green-Earth finally stopped and surveyed his surroundings, only to feel a thorn in his heart. He was in a relatively beautiful area: there were large oaks and maples all around with moss growing on the long, thick roots of each tree. A small stream with a rock bed ran through the area, with tall grass surrounding it on either side. Small yellow and purple flowers bloomed here and there, adding to the peaceful atmosphere of the area. That, coupled with the soft murmur of the stream, would have made this a safe haven for any cat with a troubled mind. Well, any cat but Kokkinos. This place had once been a private safe haven for him, until he had met Aka.

Aka, the little Pink-Orange Fire with beautiful violet eyes. She must have just become an adolescent. She was a small, skinny little thing, with freckles all over. It was in this area that she had met Kokkinos one fine spring morning. The young Fire-Triber had found the miner when he was resting after a rather strenuous day down in the mines. They had talked for a little while, with Aka telling him all about her love of flowers. In fact, she had been on an expedition to get some at that moment. Thinking she was a rather cute kid, Kokkinos had agreed to tag along, and he helped her gather some rather pretty blue flowers. The two had parted as good friends, with them both promising that they would try and have another adventure like that soon.

Well, that wasn't going to happen now, was it? In a rather unpleasant turn of events, Kokkinos had learned some rather horrifying news, relayed to him through a patrol of Earth-Tribe warriors. Apparently, Aka, whose true name turned out to e Akarui, was dead. According to what he had heard, she had been killed by Shadow-Tribe, for spying on them and then attacking one of their cats. That didn't sound anything like the sweet little Aka that Kokkinos had met so long ago. But, then again, cats change. He didn't know what could have caused Aka to do that, what could have fueled her so much, but he knew that it must have happened after they had met.

Suddenly, Kokkinos heard a voice. It was a bright, soft voice, very familiar and welcome. Looking up, the Green-Earth spotted his friend Orange-Air Eileen, and he instantly smiled. "Eileen!" he called warmly, greeting her with a throaty purr. It was almost like fate had brought her to him when he needed somebody most. "How are you?" he asked, moving to touch his nose briefly to the top of her head. "What'cha doing out here this late?"

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Opening Credits:
Trade Mistakes- Panic! At the Disco
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Waking Up:
Timber- Ke$ha

First Day At School:
Better Than- John Butler Trio

Falling In Love:
Last to Know- Three Days Grace
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Fight Song:
Rise and Fall- The Offspring

Breaking Up:
That's What You Get- Paramore
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Hurricane- Panic! At the Disco

Life is Good:
Stay the Night- James Blunt

Mental Breakdown:
I Don't Know You Anymore- Savage Garden
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All Men Are Pigs- Studio Killers

Savior- Skillet

Getting Back Together:
Fever- Bullet for my Valentine

For the Dancing and the Dreaming- The Hound and the Fox

Paying the Dues:
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go- Wham!

The Night Before The War:
Bright Lights- 30 Seconds to Mars

Final Battle:
Titanium- Madelyn Bailey

Moment of Triumph:
Ocean Avenue- Yellow Card

Funeral Song:
Counting Stars- One Republic

End Credits:
Evil Angel- Breaking Benjamin

What even is my music taste
I'm probably switching majors oops
I just
I hate engineering
I hate everything about it
Well I like doing parametric modeling on the computer but that's it
I have to do my schedule for next semester tonight and I'm probably going to follow a business major's recommended schedule. I feel like international business or marketing would be better suited for me
My friend Tyler took ballroom dancing next semester... I so want to take that with him omg
He and I have also been talking about getting an apartment next year with our roommates and the four of us living together. Rent is relatively the same price as living on campus soooo
I'm feeling if I can live with guys (I think my school allows that) I might live with him next year. Even if not he said I'm welcome to come over and he'll make me dinner so B)


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I am bad at talking about people because I get 100 ideas of what to say and then I loose all thought.
its bad
watch as this starts and ends as a train wreck.
then I realized I use the word awesome too much
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this is no t even much talking
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Hacked pt 2


So I stalk your page because this page is mine and plus I really like wanted to update this because there are so many things to talk about and you updated mine so I only found it fair that I update this right now.

So we've been a little brokenhearted lately and you made me cry last night Steff I swear to god never update Kokkinos's heartchart again, please! Though we've come up with some pretty nice headcannons and are having fun with those and that rp we have going is making me happy because bro who doesn't like human rps they're great and awkward when it comes to that one awkward meeting lD Anyway my heart still hurts I think it finally died like, tgb destroyed my feels and not even a year as gone by since I joined damn that was fast. Anyway like I'm going to start like texting you like crazy because Skype is stupid and I hate it and my phone hates it too. Like you got all those messages today I think that's the most I've ever texted like you got to believe I'm not a person who likes to text people omfg wow Steff you bring out the texter in me holy shit *bows*

Anyway I'm really glad to call you not only a friend but one of the closest friends I have and it's amazing and I love you like you're one of the closest friends I've had in a while and it's great to know someone like you and to have in you in my life. Wait what am I saying it isn't great, it's better than that but there aren't words for it right now. I'm just more than thankful that you're in my life.

But you hurt me why Steff like that's not what friends do and you force me to retaliate. I don't think I'll retaliate with Eileen anymore though because the more I write for her I think the deeper she goes into depression lD Maybe I'll retaliate with like Mothpaw by drawing her sad and shiz because who wants a sad Mothpaw that's unnatural. Or or I'll start to retaliate with happiness *nods*

Omfg I never told you so like the night after you called me the incarnation of Satan (cause I am lesbianest) um I got onto dA and I opened my messages and I had 6 watch messages, 6 comments, and 6 notes like I have a screenshot it was great but I need to look for it and I'll show it to you. It was a sign I stg

To add to it you're one of the most talented people I know and don't you dare call my writing good senpai no I will not accept the compliment I won't. Like your writing touches the deepest parts of my soul and I've never seen a writer do that to me before like I've seen some pretty talented writers but yours just really gets me. Plus your art just brings me joy because because I love it so much especially the Eryx and Kakia one you uploaded.

Anyway let's wrap this up with saying you are one of my greatest friends and no matter how much you shatter my heart I will always retaliate out of love OuO No matter what tho you can always come and talk to me no matter what the subject and I'll try to be there for you because you've been there for me so many times throughout my life and I'm grateful for that. Thank you so much for everything Steff <3333

AND :iconpissplz: MY PAGE


Come on Eileen- Dexy's Midnight Runners

Hacked 3

drawn by FameTheGame


So like I decided to hack your account and do this now that you have a new username. I was so sad when you changed it because I barely learned how to spell your other without like needing to open a separate tab and look at it and I was so proud of myself. Then you changed it like just... just why would you do this to me? -plays 'Why Did This Happen To Me' in the background-

Anyway what is there to say, lately I've been realizing just how much you mean to me. Not because I'm naive and thought something really bad could have happened to you with that allergy thing. I started realizing it a while back and when you stopped texting me right after you said your mom was taking you to the ER it really just hit me. I find it a little funny since I'm so reserved and cynical most of the time that in these 8 months that we've been talking (we met back in November omg) I've let you in this little shell of mine that is such a tough nut to crack. And I'm happy I did, because you're such a great person and you hold such and important spot with me.

From like the moment I get up to my phone vibrating and then fall asleep after looking at your text cuz I'm a lazy shit. Though seriously just getting a text from you makes my day. I never thought that doing a request for someone was how I would meet one of my best friends. One of the people that I feel most comfortable around. One of the people that I could just say anything to without feeling like I'm being stupid. Someone I can be myself around. I just want to say thank you for being that person. I'm so happy that I met you and that your one of the people I text on a daily. Just the fact that I can call you one of my best friends is amazing to me.

I know sometimes I can be a little overbearing (I told you I was clingy didn't I? lD) and I know sometimes it can a little annoying but that's just a way of showing how much I genuinely care for you. If something bad every happened to you I feel like I would loss my shit because even though I'm all the way over here in NM I would feel like there was something I could have done in a way. It's kinda a stupid philosophy of mine but for some reason it just stuck there in a way for God knows what reason.

Anyway, just know that your my Steff bby and that will probably never change. You're stuck with me LMFAO. Also don't let anyone tell you that you won't amount to anything because you always will in my book. In my book right now you're one of the greatest people I've ever met and you've helped me grow a little honestly. You're gonna do great things in this life. Never doubt that.

Fame is done for now eue

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go- Wham!





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