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About Me

Drawn by rainwolfeh

Let's Hear it for Rock Bottom- The Offspring

Steff| 18| Female| Capricorn| ISTP| Pennsylvania

Hi diddly ho neighboreenos! My name's Steff and I'm just a dorky 18 year-old college kid who draws cats in their spare time. I currently go to Penn State University for biomedical engineering; obviously I like to torture myself. I'm a pretty shy person, but don't let that hold you back! Feel free to message me any time saying hi, or asking me any questions. I may not be the absolute greatest at responding to messages on here, but if its dire feel free to contact me on Skype! My Skype name is Steffanosaurus, so if you ever need me you can usually grab me there.

Your Baerrito

Drawn by rrath


Okay time 2 b serious now.

Yes so -holds up steff- -smooshes her face over box-

You guys see this lovely gal right here? She's my baerrito. And she is so fucking amazing I can't even.

Like we've known each other for what, a year now Steff? But we only started talking a few months ago and god I'm so glad I messaged you on Skype asking if you were okay because we've talked ever since and speaking of which I don't think we've gone a day without talking since then and I really hate talking so that's actually an accomplishment.

You're such a fucking dork I literally can't with you but you make me smile and laugh and I can't help but roll my eyes and laugh because, goddamnit Bae. And as much as I wanna be annoyed I can't because you're too fuckin' cute like smooshes your cheek.

Guys Steff is fuckin' beautiful okay like just unf 10/10 A++++++ would tap but i gotta stretch first.

I want to write more but my head hurts like a bitch so just, rubs butt on page.

Thank you for listening to me whenever I needed to talk and making me laugh and dealing with my stupid ass all day okay. I'll let u be afro queen, maybe. I dunno. You can be red-haired Afro Princess k?

Votre Petit-Loup

Drawn by FameTheGame

Alright, it's been a while since I last wrote and just ok I have a lot of fucking emotions right now so I'll probably get sappy sorry not sorry.

I honestly .... Goddamnit Steff you're fucking amazing and I can't even describe how much your friendship means I'm just fucking sitting here grinning like an idiot because you're such a fucking dork and I love it and I love you and I love your stupid dorkface.

I don't say this lightly but I really do love you like ... honestly you're ... god I don't know how to explain it because yeah I've known you for a year but our friendship just bloomed into what it is now and it's great and our conversations make me smile and laugh and I can honestly say that you're one of like, two people who can make me laugh every time we talk and I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for you because of that. I don't laugh often but with you I seem to do it in abundance and I'm getting sappy but I don't give a shit I love you and I love your stupid jokes and I love when you make fun of me and I love your face have I said that? I probably did but whatever just PICKS YOU UP AND VIRTUALLY SQUEEZES.

You scared the fuck out of me the other day with the allergy stuff like I couldn't sit down because I was worrying and it hit me that I don't know what I would do if you weren't there (not saying you would've died but just, if I couldn't talk to you for a few days). Somehow you've become part of my daily program. I either wake up to a crazy text from you or I send you one and that's my morning - it starts with you and it usually ends with you EVEN THOUGH YOU FALL ASLEEP ON ME A LOT STEFF WTF BRO.

Okay I think I'm done but just know that I love and care about you and shit okay? I know I'm all the way in Texas but I'm here if you ever need me because that's what baerrito's are for and I'll make my booty clap 4 u bby and then I'll stretch and we can do the sex k? k.

You're a dork and I love you.

Last edited on July 13, 2014

Time After Time- Quietdrive




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Rp Tracker

Drawn by iDawnDusk


Yellow-Earth Kokkinos
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Ya know what? I am going to write this now, even though writing on this ipad is excruciating because capitalizing things sucks and it's sO SLOW
I hope you're grateful that I love you enough to go through this because i stg

ANYWAY this is going to stay at the bottom of your page ok (edit: why can i not move the custom box to the bottom on the ipad this is stupid
we can't let my dumbness intervene with Jay and Fame's beautiful writing (i will refrain from calling her Time for now because then i will have to make a pun and she will probably throttle me, and it would be worth it but that's not really my goal here)

all right here we go
prepare yourself for a heap of gay, Steff

let us start by going back in time almosT FIVE YEARS AGO NOW HOLY SHIT
except actually it's still only like four years
I don't remember what exact day we met - all I know is that it was before I started high school and during my eighth grade year, so it was definitely before summer, but I haven't been able to narrow it down and it's killing me ugh
but little did I know that that day would forever change the course of my life
Was that corny enough??
So yeah, we met sometime back when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth, and that was back when your name was Sugartail (which was such a gr8 username because it made nearly as much sense as Gingerflight does lmfao) and I remember that you were one of my watchers and I was only vaguely aware that you existed because I was such a nooby turd, and then I made that Searunners rp and you joined (and I also remember that before you told me to call you Steffan I wanted to give you a nickname but I had been torn because if I called you Sugar I would also be obligated to call you Honey, Honey; you know, because of that one song - never mind) , and I swear I have no idea what we did during the short time that Searunners existed, but suddenly we were friends???? Honestly, all I remember about that time was Destinypaw making fun of Hannibal for being an ugly fucker, and I'm assuming that's not what began the friendship so

But I still really do not understand why you wanted to become friends with me omg I was such a loser back then
I overused dumb emoticons and was just a huge noob in general, and yet
you wanted to be my friend????
that still baffles me because i honestly want to kill my former self for being an idiot but that would probably kill the current me too if I did that so maybe I won't
The thing is, even though i don't understand why on earth you would want to be the friend of some dumb fricker like me, I am so very, very glad you did
oh god it's going to probably get sappy now
you better not laugh at what I'm going to write, you asshat

I don't think I realized until recently how important you'd become to me, nor how prominent of a figure you'd become in my life. We've known each other for such a long time and fallen into this routine where we just constantly sass each other and give each other dumb best nicknames that I guess it just didn't really hit me right away that WAIT A SECOND STEFF THERE'S A PHANTOM OF THE OPERA COMMERCIAL PLAYING ON TV PAUSE THE SAP
oh my god it was so short but im cry
why do i have to live in the land of hillbillies
why can't i live here where they show commercials for broadway shows on an everyday basis

i am in control of myself again
im sorry
shit i completely forgot what i was going to say

so yeah, do you know how much time we've spent just discussing the most random stuff with each other? I remember I used to look back through our old skype conversations ( actually i think it was skype that brought us close omfg) and just laugh to myself at how ridiculous they were. You never failed to make me laugh, and that hasn't changed even after all the years we've known each other
man, we were just kids back then
i mean, i'm still a kid
ur an elderly woman now
But like, when we first started talking we were both young and vibrant and full of innocence - at least i was, you were probably already thinking of dirty jokes back then - and now i'm going into my senior year and you're going to be in COLLEGE
i am going to text you during school and bug you during all your college classes eheuheuheuheu
before you know it we will be 80 years old and we will still be skyping each other with our old lady fingers omfg

but back to my point
You, Steff, are one of the best things that has ever happened to me, probably even one of the best things that has ever happened to this world aND DONT YOU DARE LET THAT GO TO YOUR SWELLED HEAD
because I really have no idea what I would do without you now
that is like the corniest of all corny things but it's really true
There was this period of time where we didn't get to talk too much because of our hectic schedules, and during that time I was so busy that I didn't really notice. But then when we started skyping each other again after all that, I realized just how much I had seriously missed talking to you. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but you are probably the friend that I've shared the most with over the years. Through all the sassy crap that we spout at each other, I've bared more of my soul to you than what my real life friends have probably ever seen. I dunno, maybe it's because talking over the internet and talking in real life are such different things, but you are, like, my go to personn for everything. You are always so willing to liisten to me rant about my problems, especially my problems with certain people, and when I'm upset i dont actually ssay anything about it, but I stg you always seem to know what I'm feeling because you just say things that make my day SO MUCH BETTER and its like wow how did you even know just what to say
whenever i get an alert that i've gotten a skype message from you (when skype actually boTHERS TO ALERT ME THAT PIECE OF ) I just grin so hugely
yesterday when we were talking about you being Queen Booby I was just sitting there with this goofy smile on my face I guess and my mom was like "vanessa what are you grinning at"
and i was just like "steff" and she was like "oh ok" like even she knows that you're one of my best friends now omfg
in the beginning she used to be ultra suspicious of you because I'm pretty sure I used to pronounce your name as Steff-ahn instead of Steff-en and so she thought you were some guy that was trying to seduce me and i was like "mom if you could see some of the things she called me you would see she isn't trying to seduce me"
and then she thought you were bullying me and i was like MOM NO
i swear
She relaxed after you mailed me that letter that one time you commissioned me
they're both sitting in my high school musical bucket that i put my treasures in
please do not ask why i have a high school musical bucket
That was such a great letter I love it so much <3

I remember when I got your letter that time I was so excited because until that moment I had only ever talked to any of my internet friends on, well, the internet obviously, and finally I had something that basically yelled "THIS PERSON IS IN THIS WORLD AND IS ACTUALLY SOMEONE YOU CAN CONTACT"
i dunno why, but that letter made that sink in more than skyping you could, and it made me so happy to think that you existed in the same country i existed in like
i can't even explain it
The point is
I know where you live eue
I'm going to go to Pennsylvania one day and just appear on your doorstep and bang on your door until someone lets me in
and then we will go watch phantom and be really dorky together and if your stepdad tries to say anything even relatively condescending to you i will get up in his face and give him the instructions for how to shove your opinion up your ass
except i probably wouldn't do that because im lame but that sounds like a great idea
actually i probably won't even be able to go to pennsylvania because im underage anYWAY

Am i doing this right???
I'm trying to pour out my heart into this but I feel like I'm just rambling honestly
I've never done this before, and I never thought that I ever would
This was always the kind of thing that other people did, not me
I remember that I would always just go to other people's profile pages and all I would see was a bunch of things from their friends who had hacked them and written super long messages proclaiming their undying friendship and love for that person
and i would sit there on that person's profile page and read every single message that had been written for them, word for word
and I would see all the heartfelt feelings that had been put into everything and
i would just feel so immensely jealous
that they were so loved by friends they had never even met
because I knew that that was never going to happen to me
I was never going to have any friends like that who would bother to write anything for me on my profile page, i would never have anyone feel close enough to me that they would want to
because i don't keep friends easily
I don't know if it's something I do or if it just kind of happens, but when I make friends we always drift apart
it's been tried and proven, both with people on deviantart and in real life
they just go away and I never hear from them again, and if I do then they talk to me as though they never knew me
maybe they didn't
so I just tried not to get close to people as a rule, unless it was already too late, because I knew it was pointless
I'm trying to grow out of this, but it's difficult
You can tell it hasn't worked yet based on that one poll I did recently
out of all the people who answered, most people said that I was the friend that they have to get to know better
and when i saw that i felt so guilty because I know that's mainly my fault, since I don't even try
I'm still stuck in that mindset, I guess
even with the close friends I do have I just look at them and wonder if one day I will be the one that will cause us to lose touch, and it is such a horrible, unavoidable thought to me
But I never really thought that way about you
It never even occurred to me that we might ever drift apart, because that way of thinking was just so completely out of the question that I would never allow it to happen
Still, I didn't think that you would ever ask me if you could write a box of gay on my page, and then you did and all I could think at first was "excuse me?" Because no one was supposed to ever ask me that and it didn't quite register at first
but then it did and I was so overjoyed i wanted to cry
obviously I didn't tell you that because that is lame
but when you actually did write that thing on my page and I read it, I actually did cry, I wasn't just telling you that
Partly from laughing at you, but mainly because I was so grateful and thankful that you had wanted to become my friend in the first place because you, my gayby, are quite possibly one of the best I've ever had and ever will have
Some people have a ton of friends that write boxes of gay on their page, to the point where that is all you see when you visit their profiles, and that is wonderful
I just have one box of gay but that is equally wonderful
Even if I never have anyone else want to write another one for me, I will be perfectly happy because I actually have one, and it's from one of the people that I care for the most, and that is more than I could have ever hoped for
i am actually tearing up god im sorry that way sappier than what I originally planned to write

but steff, you are absolutely perfect and don't let anyone tell you differently
not even hannah montana
fuck off, hannah, you don't know shit
you are such a gorgeous human being both inside and out (even if your snapchats are hideous and your mustaches are gay LMAO I KID I KID MY SNAPCHATS ARE WORSE except your mustaches really were extremely gay what a dork you are) and don't you dare let anyone tell you differently
you are such an incredible friend like jesus christ I am so lucky that I got to know you and that our friendship is one where we can just make fun of each other over the stupidest things like typos, and I'm ALSO super glad that we became friends. And I'm not an easy person to become friends with - at least not to this extent, so that says a lot about just how special you are

this is random and off topic but
When you had that allergy thing and I found out about it like way after it happened I was so worried about you and i know this is going to sound awful but at first when I saw that Fame and Jay knew about it before i did at first I was like oh
maybe it's finally happening
that thing where we drift apart
it always happens so this isn't a surprise even though i didnt expect it to happen with steff but i guess that's how it works
and I was so mad at myself for thinking that when you could have fucking died and god I am still pissed that something like that even went through my mind
I was even more angry at myself when you told me that you didn't text me about it because you didn't want to worry me and ruin my vacation
Like, how on earth do I even deserve a friend like you?? You were being considerate because you didn't want me to worry over you
you dork
what do you think I would have done if you'd died and I hadn't even had the slightest inkling about it?
Obviously if I had been aware I would have been having a panic attack from freaking out over your health and well being and over whether or not you would live another day and it would have been the worst thing ever to experience but
i just
you can't just die without saying anything to me
Not to mention my vacation was already partially ruined because of thaT ONE PERSON so you could have worried me all you want
anyway all of that is basically what i was thinking after you told me your reason but I was also just laughing out of relief that you were fine and weren't going to die and we weren't drifting and you hadn't said anything for my sake and gdi you are the biggest fricking dork and i love you so much

you are my precious Steff bby despite the fact that you are older than me and you are that one person that I can always trust to proofread what I write in response to idiots and the one who I can ramble to about how perfect Sierra Boggess is and we are going to meet one day I swear to God
When you're a rich engineer and I'm on Broadway I'm going to invite you out to New York and we will go out and wander around and drink champagne because that stuff sounds delicious and give money to hobos and watch the Fifty Shades musical together and I will take your Phantom virginity and then we can be stupid dorky poops together by crying over Enjolras and Grantaire and Eponine and various fictional characters and wE SHOULD HAVE A TOM JONES DANCE PARTY TOO AND I WILL MAke you play legend of zelda ok??? ok
also we should just watch all the other musicals on Broadway too because hello we will be filthy stinking rich and can afford it
and i will get you tickets and backstage passes to whatever show i'm in and you can come meet all the famous broadway peeps
by that time I may even be friends with someone like Samantha Barks ayyyyy

I am still trying to work up the courage to actually call you because it isn't fair that everyone else in the world has heard your voice and you've heard my voice but I haven't heard yours
Except I really am terrible at talking on the phone
Maybe when I eventually call you I will reach your voicemail and then I can just leave a really dumb message
yes this is a wonderful idea

There is so much else that I want to say to you and about you, like how funny you are and how compassionate and warm and caring and down-to-earth and fabulous you are, and how everyone you meet needs to make an effort to get to know you because if they don't they will be missing out on so much and they won't even know

BUT I have written enough already and just typing all this out was way harder than it would have been on the computer
also I'm multi-tasking and watching American Hustle while doing this and it is very hard to take my eyes off the screen because holy crap the acting is to die for, especially with Jennifer Lawrence so

you're the best gay buttock that ever existed, and I am proud to call myself your bosom friend and personal gremlin ;u;
Smooches loudly <3333333

Last updated 7/21/14


TGB|| Yellow-Earth Kokkinos by Baerrito
TGB|| Yellow-Earth Kokkinos

Edit: fAME SUDDENLY DREW THIS FOR ME???? Look at how handsome he is I'm cry. I really need to update this information oh god
Edit So like hi my name's Fame and I spoil Steff, let's see how long it takes her to notice I updated the art eue
Edit Look who's moved on up! My computer is being an ass and won't save the version with text soooo.... I'll fix that later. In the mean time, this lovely new app was drawn by my wonderful friend FameTheGame :heart:
Edit: Changed around like 3 things lmao Still have yet to update personality
Edit: New app art! This beautiful picture was done by the amazing Mackoolzie go give her lots of loveEdit: Slowly redoing all of his info! So far everything up to personality has been redone. The rest (with the exclusion of his history, family, and sexual info) are still WIPS!



”True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one.” Gandalf the Gray

 ”Do not pity the dead, pity the living. And above all, those who live without love.” Albus Dumbledore

”Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Buddha


General info:

Name: Kokkinos

Name origins: Greek

Name meaning: "Red"

- It is unknown why this name was chosen for Kokkinos, as he has no trace of red on his body.

Kit Name: Dust

Name reasoning: He was named for his dust-colored pelt, nothing more.

Age: 3 season cycles and 1 moon (37 moons)

Gender: Male


Tribe info:

Current affiliation: Earth-Tribe

Past affiliation(s): Rogue

Current tattoo: Yellow-Earth

Past tattoos: Gray-Earth, Blue-Green Earth, Green-Earth

Profession: Miner Deputy

Ability: Secondary


SKILL 1: Move a Rock!

SKILL 2: Push Back

SKILL 3: Pushing Boulders 1

SKILL 4: Pushing Boulders 2

SKILL 5: Picking on Me?

SKILL 6: Pushing Boulders 3

SKILL 7: Cracking Wood

SKILL 8: Cracking Stone

SKILL 9: Hard Head

SKILL 10: Living Shield

SKILL 11: Rock Hard Nerves

SKILL 12: Frenzy

SKILL 13: I'm a Stone

Signature move: None

Apprentice: None

Past Apprentice: N/A



Size and stature: There are two words that can really sum up Kokkinos based on his size and stature: large and intimidating. This Green-Earth is one behemoth of a cat, towering over almost every cat he has ever met. He stands at about 16” at the shoulder, which due to his Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat lineage.  Not only that, but this tomcat makes his appearance more intimidating because of his muscles. Kokkinos is an extremely muscular cat, with his legs having a large amount of bulk. Along with his muscles, the snowshoe tomcat also has very large and broad shoulders as well as a barreled chest.

Fur texture: Kokkinos takes after his father when it comes to the texture of his fur, as it’s thick and dense. He has very long fur all over his body, but there are certain areas where it’s longer than the rest of his body. His fur is longer and thicker along his cheeks, chest, back of neck, and tail. He’s naturally pretty shaggy, so he tends to sink like a rock in water.

Coloration: While Kokkinos takes after his father in size and stature, he definitely received his mother’s phenotypes. Kokkinos is an almost purely snowshoe cat, with his main coat color being a rich medium brown. The lower half of the tom’s face is white, which a small white stripe extending up his muzzle, stopping just above his eyes. This white continues on to his chest, where it also extends back and covers his whole neck, and then to his belly. All four of his legs are also white. Just like a typical snowshoe cat, Kokkinos has darker brown colorations on his ears and around his eyes. This tom also has a smudge of dark brown on the right side of his muzzle, just above his nose. His front legs each have a dark brown patch on them, which extends all the way down to his snow-white paws. He has a small stripe of dark brown on each of his back legs, between where the medium brown ends and the white begins. Just like a typical snowshoe, Kokkinos has an all dark brown tail. However, he cannot be considered a pure snowshoe because he has three dark brown stripes on his back, starting at his shoulders and ending at his mid-back. Each stripe descends in length but increases in thickness.

Scars/ disabilities When it comes to scars, well, Kokkinos has more than most. He has three jagged scars over his left eye, which have rendered it completely useless. The two vertical scars were given to him as a kitten, by his aunt Oniero. The third was received more recently, as he got it saving the Pink-Orange-Fire Charley from a caiman during the final battle with the caimans. It was this third scar that took away Kokkinos’ vision. Next, Kokkinos has a long, jagged scar over his throat. This scar was given to him by a fox that attacked him. He received the scar by saving Yossarian from being slaughtered by the russet creature. He has four deep scars on his left shoulder, which is from a caiman. It is suspected that that shoulder will never heal properly, rendering Kokkinos with a permanent limp. His front right leg has numerous scars on it, as does his back left leg. Both of these legs were torn up by the same caiman that took his eye. His right flank has two vertical scars on it that extend to his belly, and the top of his right back leg has a jagged x-shaped scar upon it. As to be suspected, these scars were also given to him by the caimans. He also has a nick in his right ear from his aunt, and a few rips in his left ear from the caimans.


[Silver Industrial:]</u> A silver industrial with a feather hanging off of one end in his right ear. Received after Tuari's death as a memento of his best friend.

[Feather and bone necklace:]</u> A string necklace with a crow feather, owl feather, and small bone hanging off of it. Received indirectly through Asher as a "parting gift" to remember him by.

[Pendant:]</u> A brown and silver pendant that has the Fire-Tribe symbol in the middle surrounded by a golden Earth-Tribe tattoo. Connected by a string with two clay beads. Crafted by Black-Fire Charley as a symbol of the love she bears towards her adoptive father.

[Marianna's Bracelet:]</u> Purple and silver metal bracelet originally belonging to Tuari that was given to Marianna upon her mother's death. Received from Aoba upon learning of Marianna's death.

[Bracelet:]</u> Metal bracelet with a blue gem in the middle. Given to him by Orange-Air Eileen, who has a matching bracelet (think of them as wedding rings). Kokkinos' gem is the color of Eileen's eyes, and Eileen's is the color of Kokkinos' eyes.


Distinguishing features:

-Striking blue eye

- Snaggle tooth that protrudes from the left side of his mouth

-Numerous scars all over his body

-Large, slightly torn ears



Positive: Extrovert| Loving| Loyal| Forgiving


Extrovert|| Any cat who has spoken to Kokkinos for more than a moment will realize that he is indeed an extrovert. The miner is the type who will willingly approach any cat that he sees, so long as they don’t look like they don’t want to be disturbed. He’s always willing to talk to new cats; perfect strangers are just cats who have yet to become your friend! The large snowshoe will always be willing to be the one to break the ice at an introduction. No matter what Kokkinos doesn’t seem to have a problem talking to new cats, which usually makes him a fast friend to many.


Loving|| Once Kokkinos becomes close to another, which admittedly is a little more difficult now, this trait will shine bright. The Green-Earth is an extremely affectionate creature, and he often dotes upon those he cares for. Once a cat has wormed their way into Kokkinos’ big heart, they’ll forever be lodged there, and he will love them until the end of time. He’ll go out of his way to make them smile, find a cat to craft gifts for them, and just above all be there for them.


Loyal|| Kokkinos is they type of cat who would definitely be considered loyal. His loyalty isn’t really tribe related, though. That isn’t to say that he isn’t loyal to his Tribe at all; he of course feels loyal to Earth-Tribe. However, Kokkinos is mainly loyal to those he loves, and his loyalty to them comes before his loyalty to Earth-Tribe. He would gladly give up his life for somebody he loved before one of his Tribemates, though he would never admit that. His loyalty to his friends and loved ones will keep him tied to them to until the very end, and he will never, ever abandon them. He feels the most loyalty to Eileen, though Tuari, despite being deceased, gives the Orange-Air a run for her money.


Forgiving|| Kokkinos has never been one to hold a grudge, not even for the most heinous things. He cannot find it in him to even hold a grudge against his aunt who murdered his family. Of course he resents her, but that’s about it. He holds no hard feelings against Asher for leaving without a word, either. Instead, he has chosen to forgive them tom he would have loved to call his son. Kokkinos’ big heart prevents him from ever holding a grudge against another, no matter what they do to him. It may take some time, but he’ll always end up forgiving them in the end.


Neutral: Naïve| Awkward| Protective| Altruistic


Naïve|| Despite everything that’s happened to him in the past few moons, Kokkinos still retains his naïve nature. He still tries to see the good in everyone, no matter how bad they appear to be. One of his core beliefs is that every cat has a kernel of good in them, though with some you have to dig down deep to find it. Even with the death of Tuari, he still retains the belief that cats are not born to be killers. He feels that every cat is born good and pure, and they always retain that no matter what, even murderers.


Awkward|| Kokkinos is mainly awkward when it comes to his feelings. With almost anything else the Green-Earth is able to handle himself, such as in meeting cats for the first time. However, he has found that he can no longer keep his cool about his emotions. Instead, whenever one takes over, he starts to stutter, and may often say the wrong thing. He tends to shuffle his paws quite a bit, and most likely will avoid eye contact when this occurs. The bulk of the awkwardness comes in expressing his feelings to another, especially for the first time. Eileen just causes so much awkwardness on his part that it’s a little ridiculous and sad.


Protective|| With the death of his parents, loss of Asher, and murder of Tuari, Kokkinos has become even more protective than before. He has a strong desire to keep those he cares for out of harm’s way, especially since there are so few left. The Green-Earth would never be able to forgive himself if something terrible happened to another cat that he cared for, so he feel he must keep them safe from basically the world. If any cat dares to try and hurt those he loves, you’d better believe that he will step up and shield them.


Altruistic|| Kokkinos would willingly give up his own happiness in order to give it to another. He tends to be a giver much more than a taker, though he takes it to the extremes. He values others’ happiness above his own, as well as their lives. As he once told Eileen, he would be willing to give his own life in order to save another’s. If he could go back in time, he would have gladly switched places with Tuari and been killed instead. Now, all he can do is protect the ones he loves as best he can. However, if Eileen or any of Tuari’s kits were in mortal danger, he wouldn’t even think about throwing himself in front of them. Their lives have and always will mean more to him than his own.


Negative: Easily discouraged/emotional| Self-loathing| Oblivious| Distant


Easily discouraged/emotional|| With recent events, Kokkinos cannot help but be emotional. The world seems like it is trying to break him, what with taking one cat away after another. Because of this he finds that he has become even more emotional than normal. His emotions rage like a wild storm that cannot be tamed, though usually when he starts to get moody it is crippling sadness that comes up. He has found that many things in day to day life have started to upset him, and he cannot escape. It is easy to upset him, and hard to bring him back into happiness.


Self-loathing|| Needless to say, Kokkinos cannot stand himself. He sees himself as a pathetic, incompetent fool that cannot do anything right. He couldn’t even protect his best friend from a rogue! Kokkinos blames himself for all of the things that have gone wrong, whether they be personal or worldly things, and spirits does he hate himself for it. Able to forgive anyone but himself, Kokkinos replays every moment in his head and tells himself that it’s all his fault. He will never be able to forgive himself for “what he’s done,” and he hopes that nobody else will forgive him either.


Oblivious|| Kokkinos isn’t really one who’s in touch with his emotions. Well, he is, but he doesn’t quite know what they mean. When he started to fall in love with Eileen, it took him ages to realize what he was feeling, or really what the name of that feeling was. He cannot figure out his own emotions towards other cats, though his perception is even worse. He is terrible at reading how other cats are feelings, whether in general or in terms of himself. He can never read when a cat likes or dislikes him, unless they make it blatantly obvious. The only exception to his obliviousness would be Eileen, and even then half the time he still can’t read her emotions.


Distant|| Ever since the death of Tuari Kokkinos has found himself to be rather distant. He has started to push away those he cherished the most, and has found that he has been keeping to himself mainly. He is terrified of losing anyone else that he cares about, after he’s already lost so much. In an attempt to keep them safe, Kokkinos has started to pull away from them, believing that he brings nothing but bad luck. Though he still loves all of them, he thinks that he cannot be around any of them for the time being. Instead, he chooses to love them from a distance, believing that they will be better off without him.



All Of Me


Many moons ago, how many is unknown, there lived a band of exiles. These cats had been outcasts among their kind, for they were the children of traitors. Their parents had been part of something called the Great War, all about some cat called the Golden Butterfly. All of these cats, children of the exiles, had heard marvelous stories of the Golden Butterfly and how he had been the chosen one. How their parents had been cast out for following him into battle. They had been punished for their faith in cats called the spirits, had been cast out for having too strong of faith.


One of the cats that lived in the little band was named Tyflos, and she was miserable. Blind since birth, the she-cat was not considered to be a valuable member of the band’s society. She was treated as an elder, who were not looked upon with respect and kindness in this band, even by her own family. The snowshoe, who had a Gray-Water tattoo on her shoulder, was absolutely miserable in her home, and desperately yearned to get away.


It seemed that fate, or whatever it was, had been on her side. Through chance Tyflos ended up meeting a tomcat who went by the name of Stone. Though she could not see him, she was instantly charmed by him. He had a charismatic way of speaking, and a voice that flowed like water over stones. He was quite the charmer, and as it turned out he was pretty smitten by the beautiful she-cat.


Before long Stone and Tyflos had fallen in love, and though it may have been a bit naïve it was pure and true. Seeing how miserable Tyflos was in that wretched band of hers, Stone asked her to come and run away with him. They could start a new, happy life somewhere out in the world without her family treating her like crap. Tyflos eagerly accepted, knowing full well that it meant perilous danger for her, but she didn’t care. Stone was her chance for escape, and she grabbed hold of him and never let go.


The happy couple abandoned Tyflos’ family early one morning, setting out to no place in particular. They were alone, but they were together. And really, that was all that ever mattered to them. They eventually did find a nice place to settle down, a rocky outcropping that gave them plenty of shelter from any snow or rain that may pass through the area.


Around this time, Tyflos was able to hear some exciting news: she was pregnant with Stone’s kittens.


I Can’t Find Your Silver Lining


Only a few days after the couple made the happy discovery did they receive an unexpected visitor: Oniero, Tyflos’ sister! The ornery she-cat had told her sister that she had left their band to look for her, as she had been deemed missing. Oniero also told her sister that she herself was expecting a litter of kittens, though their father wasn’t going to be around like Stone was. Tyflos was of course delighted, and begged her sister to stay with them.


Oniero accepted, much to Stone’s displeasure. He was not fond of the darker she-cat at all, as she was the complete opposite of his mate. She was rude and hostile, and not to mention judgmental! She criticized almost everything the gray tabby did; nothing was ever good enough for her. However, Stone put up with her and her constant negativity for Tyflos. His mate was so happy to have her sister back in her life that she chose to ignore her rude behavior. Out of love, Stone chose to keep his mouth shut and just deal with the angry she-cat.


If This is What We’ve Got, Then What We’ve Got is Gold


On a cold, blustery day, Tyflos gave birth to four healthy kittens: three males and one female. All of the males took after their mother, having rich brown pelts. The she-cat, however, looked like a paler copy of her father. She was beautiful and delicate, and Stone decided to name her petal, as she was his beautiful flower. The firstborn of the litter was named Bone, and the third Snake. The second born, the one that looked like a darker copy of Tyflos, was given the name of Dust.


Life works in mysterious ways. Only a few days after Tyflos’ litter was born did Oniero bring her kittens into the world. There were two of them, both males. Both were brownish/ginger colors, obviously taking after their mysterious and unnamed father. Whatever the case, Oniero chose to name them Fang and Venom, names which proved to be very fitting for the young kits.


Growing up, Fang and Venom were absolute monsters in the crowded den. They constantly got into everything, and often picked on their older cousins. They mainly targeted Snake and Petal, much to Bone and Dust’s unhappiness. This often led to angry screeching and fights, and sometimes even blood was drawn. But the end of their third moon Bone had a small scar across his muzzle and one of Venom’s ears was ripped.


Dust was concerned about the way his cousins acted, as was Bone, and the two often consulted their father about the matter. They knew better than to trouble their mother with things such as this. Stone saw their side, and secretly he agreed, but he tried to come off as neutral. He disliked the kits just as much as he disliked their mother, but he couldn’t let any cat know that; they were just kittens after all! Stone told his sons to just grit their teeth and try and be patient; they’d grow out of it eventually.


Despite everything going on with his cousins and hostile aunt, Dust had a pretty normal upbringing. His mother was the kindest, most loving mother in the entire world. He was her handsome little tom, and she doted on him constantly. His father got along well with him, too, as did his brothers and sister. For the time being, things were completely happy and peaceful.


This is Gospel


The kittens and their parents lived in quiet solitude for several moons. While it was nice for growing kittens, it was also boring! There was nothing for them to do, especially since Tyflos preferred for them to stay in the den at all times unless Stone or Oniero could take them outside. Stone wasn’t around much in the daytime, as he was hunting for the large family, and Oneiro would never agree to take them out. Thus, the kittens were stuck inside the den, often hearing the taunting mews of their spoiled cousins as their mother took them out to play.


But then, something exciting happened. About six moons after their birth, the kits found that strange gray and black markings had appeared on their bodies. Markings just like their parents had! How exciting! The kits were shocked, but mostly they were just excited. What a surprising turn of events! This was surely the beginning of some grand adventure, they just knew it. Wanting to know more, the kits begged their parents for details.


It was Tyflos who gave them details, as she had grown up hearing about those markings. Her mother had been a cat with one of those markings, and apparently she had been exiled from wherever it was they originated from. Her mother had told her all of the stories of Nandryx, and of the Tribes and their powers. Thus, Tyflos was able to pass on what she could remember to the kittens.


Then came the most exciting moment: the kits got to learn what Tribes they would be in! That responsibility fell to Stone and Oniero, since Tyflos couldn’t see to tell them. As it turned out Fang would have gone to live with his aunt Tyflos in some wacky place called Water-Tribe. Venom would have gone to the land of perpetual fire, Fire-Tribe. Bone to the place where cats could control you upon learning your name: Shadow-Tribe. Snake would have been allowed to stay with his father in Light-Tribe, fittingly enough. And then there were Petal and Dust, who both had strange swirls on their shoulders. They were placed in the Tribe of Earth.


This is Gonna Hurt


The kittens loved to think about the Tribes and what that life would be like in their spare time, but they had other things to do. Stone had decided that he would teach his kits to hunt. He offered to teach Oniero’s too, but the she-cat refused, saying that she would teach them the proper way. Whatever, Stone hadn’t really wanted them to come along and spoil his personal time with his kittens, something he treasured greatly.


One day upon returning, they came home to the sound of horrible screeching. Panic rising in his chest, Stone raced ahead of his kittens to see what was happening. The four of them trailed behind, going as fast as their little legs could carry them. They weren’t prepared for what they saw.


When they entered the den, they came upon a grisly sight: their mother was lying in the back of the den, coated in blood. Their father was grappling with two cats, a stranger and… Oniero! The dark she-cat was fighting Stone with some unknown rogue! The second Stone was distracted, she pulled away and ran towards Tyflos, sinking her teeth deep into her sister’s throat.


As the blood spilled out of their mother’s throat, Snake and Bone charged forward angrily. Dust wanted to go too, but Petal begged him to stay and guard her. It was a good thing that he complied, as it ended up saving his life. Instead, he watched as Venom and Fang met his brothers head on, claws out and teeth bared. The four kits collided and tumbled about the chaotic den, screeching. The rogue that was helping Oniero put an end to that, though. He had briefly been able to escape from Stone, and had managed to kill all four kittens.


Oniero didn’t even seem to care about the fact that her own children were dead. Instead, she chose to rally a new attack on Stone, allying herself with the rogue to take down the Black-Light. Fueled by the anger of seeing two of his sons slaughtered, Stone was able to easily slay the rogue, but Oniero was another story. As she slashed at him, the tom screeched for his two remaining kittens to run as fast as they could, run and never look back.


Dust took Petal outside of the den, where they hid behind a tree. Father would come out soon for them! Well, he did come out, but covered in blood and chasing Oniero. Both cats were barely standing and breathing heavily. Blood dripped from their tired, shaking bodies, and before either could launch another attack they collapsed. Dust ran to his father at that time but it was too late; he was no longer breathing.


Louder Than Thunder


Grief stricken, Dust and Petal fled the scene. They had nowhere to go, nobody to go to, yet they kept running. They couldn’t go back, not to that at least. Instead, they decided to camp out far away from where they had been born, curling up together to try and forget all of the awful things they had witnessed. They hoped that it was just some horrible dream, but they both woke to find that it was not.


The two young cats were lost and confused, and had no real way to provide for themselves. They could hunt, but poorly at best, and they could never take down any big game. Dust could feel himself starving at night, and he knew that the two of them could not go on like this. Petal knew the same, and she told her brother what they had to do: they needed to find the Tribes. They would be safe there; no cats would kill them, and they would be well-fed. She desperately wanted to go there, possibly to escape the memories of their parents’ death, and Dust agreed. He couldn’t refuse her; she was all he had left.


The young cats traveled in any way they could, coming across several loners who pointed them in the right direction. They were almost thirteen moons old, and they had almost reached the Tribes.


One night, things changed. Dust had been out hunting for him and his sister, but when he returned to their designated meeting place, she was gone. She just… vanished into thin air. Desperately the young Gray-Earth searched for his sister, but he couldn’t find a single trace of her. Just like his family, she was gone…. He was alone, utterly and completely alone.


Though he didn’t want to give up, Dust knew that he had to continue forward. If his sister had somehow gotten lost she could find the Tribes, too. Maybe she’d gone ahead and he would meet up with her there! He knew that the chances were slim, but he desperately wanted to believe it; he couldn’t just lose another one of his family members just like that.


So he trekked on, coming to the land of cats with tattoos. He was taken to Earth-Tribe where he stood before the Silver-Earth Zaeli. She granted him permission to join their ranks, and made him a miner. In that moment, his dull tattoo burst with color, and a soft voice whispered a name in his ear: Kokkinos. He was home.


Our Cynical Minds Will Make it Totally Worth it


Things were a little strange at first, settling into Earth-Tribe. Within a moon of his joining, his leader decided to return to the life of exile. Stepping up in her place was her deputy, a tomcat named Rey. He appointed some cat who had recently come from exile like Kokkinos himself as his deputy. His name was Soren.


In his brief time in the Tribes, Kokkinos was able to meet several cats. He met a fellow Earth-Tribe miner named Alasse, though the two didn’t really seem to hit it off on the right foot. Finding better luck outside of the Tribes, Kokkinos met a Green-Light healer named Nebu, who turned out to be a former exile himself. Taking a shining to the Green-Light, Kokkinos promised to take him on a tour of the lands sometime, despite not really knowing much about the lands himself.


In his first moons joining, Kokkinos came across the body of a slaughtered Black-Earth, as well as a mysterious Tribe cat standing over it. Remembering his own slaughtered family, the young tom instantly accused the other, a Green-Water, of murder, growing unreasonably angry. The Green-Water, named Lully, was able to calm Kokkinos down and show him the error of his ways. Not only that, but Lully showed Kokkinos an undeniable truth: it was pointless to hold onto his anger. The two eventually had to part ways, but their brief meeting was enough for Kokkinos to feel a sort of fatherly respect towards the older cat.


Things began to lighten up for the tom. He met a former Earth-Triber named Yossarian, who ended up being a savior to him. Kokkinos was attacked by a fox, and it was Yossarian who came to his aid. Together the two of them drove the wretched beast off, but not before sustaining some injuries. Kokkinos himself attained a rather nasty looking scar on his throat, but it wasn’t something too drastic to be worried about.


There was one cat who stood out above them all, though: Tuari. He first met the beautiful she-cat one night in Pheasant Woods after she fell out of a tree. Kokkinos was able to soothe her and take the pain from her wounds, as well as befriend her. He instantly developed a small crush on the Pink-Orange-Water, and hoped he would see her again. The next time he did, she was the Yellow, much to his surprise and delight. He found that his feelings towards Tuari had only strengthened, and that she made him feel really funny. The two of them ended up spending the day together, and even raced each other. He managed to win the race, and with that came a sad confession from Tuari: she had watched her mother die by the claws of another cat. Kokkinos revealed the story of his past to her, and the two made a promise to never leave each other.


The Plagues


That’s when they came. A member of his Tribe, some cat named Firo, discovered them. Big scaly reptiles with a taste for cat blood: the caimans. The monsters took over Earth-Tribe territory, exiling the Tribe from their lands. Through the kindness and generosity of Silver-Light Basil, Earth-Tribe was allowed to stay within the Clearing of Light in Light-Tribe’s land.


Though they were desperate times, the new Green-Earth was able to still prosper. He met several cats, including Blue-Light Kesa, Pink-Orange Water Aleu, Pink-Orange Fire Akarui, and Orange-Earth Silva, whom he developed a small crush on. He also met a rather interesting, yet amazing cat nonetheless: an Orange-Light by the name of Zarya. The two of them went herb gathering which somehow ended in a mud fight, as well as the two parting as dear friends.


Then came the tragedy. The leaders and deputies decided to stand up to the beasts and confront their leader, Ec. In the end, countless cats were dead, including the Silver-Shadow and Silver-Air. Things were starting to fall apart for the Tribes, and desolation was close at hand.


In that time he once again united with Tuari, this time finding a Silver tattoo on her shoulder. He was delighted for her, but when he congratulated her it all came crumbling down. Tuari had changed since the last time he had seen her. She was now angry and cold, and she snapped at Kokkinos about how she didn’t need him nor anyone else. Distraught, the Green-Earth weakly reminded her of their promise, and how he intended to keep it. The Silver-Water then fled the scene, but not after giving him a nose bump and confirming that she wasn’t backing out of their promise either.


When You Believe


After countless moons of death and panic, the Spirits finally stepped in to help. They granted the tomcats of Light-Tribe a gift, a secondary power: the gift of poisoning. With that came the position of two Silver-Lights and two Yellows, one of which ended up being Kokkinos’ old friend Zarya. With the game changer the Silvers were able to all come together and formulate one final plan to take out the caimans.


Kokkinos, being a miner was to be part of wave three, much to his annoyance. He wanted to fight on the battlefield and protect Tuari and Zarya, not sit back and wait until the caimans broke through! His desires didn’t matter, though, and he was to stay in the third wave. There, he ended up joining a group consisting of Green-Water Coud, Pink-Orange Light Sonya, Orange-Fire Zsofi, and Pink-Orange Fire Charley. From there the five cats waited for the caimans.


The caimans did eventually come, and Kokkinos and his group made them pay for what they had done. They kicked their asses straight to hell where they belonged. Kokkinos found that for most of the fighting he worked with Coud, though every now and again he came to help out Charley and the other girls.


Towards the end of the battle, Kokkinos saw a caiman slithering in the grass right towards Charley. Horrified by what that meant, the Green-Earth threw himself in front of the reptile just as it sprang, becoming its new target. He blacked out after that, though when he woke up the war had been won and he was now missing an eye.




The war had been won, and Kokkinos now had several new scars to show what he had sacrificed to save his home. He wore them with pride, and a bit of shame since he now only had one eye. Either way, he had come out of the war alive, which was more than most could say.


Right after the war, he ended up meeting a cat near Fisher’s Outlook. Her name was Eileen, and Kokkinos was automatically drawn to the pretty Air-Tribe cat. The two chatted for a long time, mainly about the war, and parted as friends. Just like with Tuari, Kokkinos ended up forming a crush on the pointed she-cat, which only continued to grow. Through many chance encounters the two met up several times, until it was eventually revealed that they liked each other. A sort of relationship was proposed, with them meeting up at night, and they went from there. They met each other as often as possible, and before long the Green-Earth found himself falling in love.


Eileen wasn’t the only cat around, though. In that time he had once again met up with Tuari, who was more scarred than the last time he had seen her. She was happier this time, and much more friendly. That wasn’t much, though, for she came with shocking news: she was pregnant with the Yellow-Earth Soren’s kits. Kokkinos was shocked as well as hurt, which lead to him realizing that he had a large crush on Tuari. Remembering their promise, Kokkinos got over his hurt and jealousy and promised Tuari that he would still be there for her. Not only that, but he promised to help her raise her kits.


Several moons later, tragedy struck Earth-Tribe: the Silver-Earth Rey had drowned in the sinkhole trying to save his son. This meant that Soren was now the Silver and some she-cat named Alcina was now the deputy. It was around this time that Tuari gave birth to her kittens: Ru, Zu, Kari, and Cloud, the latter being stillborn. Though Kokkinos was not there for the birth of the kits, he was there from that moment on. He visited the kits and Tuari as frequently as he could, growing particularly fond of little Kari.


Dead Hearts


Peace never lasts for too long does it? Not in Nandryx anyways. As autumn approached, the temperatures rose and the heat became unbearable. The Tribes were going through a horrible draught, coupled with sandstorms and tainted prey galore.


It was in this time that a Green-Fire left the Tribes, following his mate into exile. The cat was named Asher, Kokkinos’ adopted son. Asher had left without saying goodbye to his adopted father, only leaving his signature necklace on the border of Earth-Tribe before disappearing forever. Kokkinos had to find out from some random Orange-Fire that Asher was gone, having left with some she-cat named Arcis, who was apparently his mate. Kokkinos grieved for a long time, but in the end he knew it would be alright. Asher was fine out there, and he was alive. Slipping on the former Green-Fire’s necklace, Kokkinos let Asher go, though he knew that he would love the younger tomcat until the end of his days.


In the meantime, Kokkinos found that he had fallen in love with Eileen. Upon finally realizing his emotions, the Green-Earth asked the now Orange-Fire Charley to create a sort of proposal gift: a silver necklace with a blue and green gem that he had found while mining. Charley had been thrilled to take him up on the challenge, and had even crafted the accessory for free. The end result was beautiful, and he couldn’t wait to give it to Eileen.


He did give it to her, at Fisher’s Outlook one rather hot evening. It had been a long and awkward process, but eventually the Green-Earth had found the courage to tell Eileen that he loved her and that he wanted her to be his mate. The Orange-Air easily accepted, and the two of them vowed that they would go to their respective Silvers soon to make it official.


Till I Hear You Sing


Things were really starting to look up for Kokkinos. He and Eileen were happy, he was visiting Tuari and the kittens, and everything was returning to normal. Well, except for the blasted heat. Air-Tribe had accidentally caused a second sandstorm while trying to summon water, which had just brought about more chaos to the Tribes. Still, it hadn’t been too bad, and Kokkinos had come out unscathed.


A little after the sandstorm is when tragedy struck. One day several cats came swarming back to Earth-Tribe after their patrol. With them was the body of a recently deceased Green-Earth, as well as the torn up body of the Silver-Water. Running to her, Kokkinos and Soren saw that Tuari had been brutally attacked by some unknown cat, and had dealt her a fatal blow.


Kokkinos stayed with his best friend in her final moments, curling around her and trying to clean the blood off of her pelt. He assured her that her kits would be fine and so would she, but he knew that it was a lie. She had been completely torn up, and it was soon that she died. She was released from all of the earthly pain and suffering that she had gone through, leaving Kokkinos behind in shambles.


The Green-Earth grieved, and he grieved hard. For the first few days after Tuari died he slept in Water-Tribe territory, with his large head upon her grave. After a few days Lully shooed him home to take care of himself, but all he really did there was mope. He barely spent any time with any other cats, save for Tuari’s now motherless kittens. Soren had brought the little bundles to Earth-Tribe to be with their father, and Kokkinos vowed that he would be there to help the kittens through their grief.


In this time, Kokkinos neglected essentially everyone but the kittens. He spent all of his time with Ru, Zu, and Kari, ignoring practically everyone else. This included Eileen, who though he loved decided it was best to stay away. All that happened when he got close to others were bad things, and he realized that he couldn’t lose any more cats. He couldn’t lose her, so he stayed away so that maybe she would be alright. He was drifting apart from his mate, the light of his life, but found that he couldn’t do anything to fix it. All he could do was sit in Earth-Tribe camp and pour his remaining energy into caring for Tuari’s kittens.


Love Never Dies


 One day I'll write this

Life Starts Now

This too 


Father is Stone| Gray-Light| Exile| Deceased

Mother is Tyflos| Black-Water| Exile| Deceased

Brothers are Bone| Gray-Shadow| Exile| Deceased

Snake| Gray-Light| Exile| Deceased

Sister is Petal| Gray-Earth| Exile| Status unknown

Aunt is Tyflos| Black-Air| Exile| Deceased

Cousins are Fang| Gray-Water| Exile| Deceased

Venom| Gray-Fire| Exile| Deceased

Adopted sons are Asher| Black-Fire| loner| Alive
Oscar| Blue/Green-Earth| Warrior Apprentice| Alive
Ozz| Blue/Green-Light| Poisoner Apprentice| Alive
Cloud| Kitten| Deceased

Adopted daughters are Marianna| Pink/Orange-Shadow| Guard Apprentice| Deceased
Charley| Black-Fire| Loner| Alive
Adopted daughter-in-law is Arcis| Black-Fire| Loner| Alive



Best friend is: Silver-Water Tuari [She will forever be his best friend, even though she is dead]
Best friend is: Green-Shadow Kakoora
Best friend is: Black-Fire Charley


Sexual information

Orientation: Heterosexual

Status: It's complicated

Availability: Not looking

Mate: It's even more complicated  

Past mate(s): None

Crushes: Silver-Water Tuari, Orange-Earth Silva, Orange-Air Eileen


- Pale fur

- Blue eyes

- Adventurous

- "Intricate" pelts

- Laid-back

- Non confrontational


- He is very sad right now so be gentle with him
-He no longer cares for the stars
-Instead they make him feel empty and alone
-He hates the Spirits so much
-The only spirit he truly believes in anymore is Tuari
-He is currently unaware that Aoba killed Marianna. He believes that the Golden Butterflies did it
-This is because Aoba only told him that he found Mari dead

{Roleplay example}

Kokkinos padded outside of the Earth Tribe came as silently as possible. It was night, almost moon high, and all of the cats around him were sleeping.

Kokkinos, however, could not sleep. Part of it was that he still wasn't used to sleeping near all of those cats. Having grown up as a rogue, he had never slept around so many cats. Well, full-grown cats, really. He'd shared his den with many cats growing up, but most of them had been small kittens, like him. He wasn't used to all of those large bodies together. It was a little weird to him. Plus, he didn't know these cats all to well yet. What if they decided to be like Oneiro? What if they decided to try and murder him?

The moment Oniero entered his thoughts, a scowl found its way to Kokkinos' face, a rare sight. He hated nothing more in this world than Oneiro. Thinking about the she-cat who ruined his life never did anything but fill him with anger, anger that he knew would never die.

The cramped den wasn't the real reason Kokkinos was out, though. He had come out so that he could think. And he never had better thoughts than when he was on the edge of Earth Tribe territory, by the lake.

The lake was Kokkinos' favorite spot in the entire world. Maybe it was because of how peaceful and serene it was. Maybe it was the sound of rushing water that made it so great. But most likely it was the fact that the lake reminded Kokkinos of his dear mother, the mother who had been violently murdered by Oneiro, her own sister. Any time Kokkinos was at the lake he remembered her best, how she loved to sit by the stream near their den and just listen to the water. Or how she tried to teach Kokkinos and his siblings how to swim, even if she wasn't very good at it herself.

When he arrived at the lake, he allowed the memories of his mother to swarm him. He remembered he beautiful brown fur and those mesmorizing ice blue eyes she had. Her eyes were some of the most beautiful eyes Kokkinos had ever seen. It was such a shame that they never granted his mother sight.

Kokkinos smiled, remembering everything about her. He remembered all of the little stories she used to tell him and his siblings, the ones about the Tribes. She alwasy spoke so fondly of her former Tribe, even though she hadn't had much of a life there. It didn't matter to her, though. Because to her, her kits could have the life that she never did. They could become warriors or miners or guards or whatever they wanted to within their Tribes. This is what she had told her kits, and it had always stuck with Kokkinos. He didn't know of any other cat who would have been so cheerful talking about that.

With the thoughts of his mother surrounding him, Kokkinos thought he detected a slight hint of her scent. It was a very easy scent to pick out around the lake: she had smelled of these sweet little purple flowers that grew right outside of their den. What were they called?

Lilac, he remembered suddenly, thinking back to the sweet scent the little flowers and his mother had. He closed his eyes and sighed, breathing in that scent. It didn't matter that he was an adolescent now, the scent of his mother was still the most comforting thing in the world. And for just a moment, Kokkinos could have sworn he felt thick, warm fur press up against his flank.

Then, suddenly, the scent was gone. The warmth on his right flank was also gone. Kokkinos sighed again and opened his eyes, scanning the area around him. There was nothing there but the lake and foliage, shrouded by darkness. There was no sign of another cat.

Kokkinos smiled a little and looked up at the sky, scanning the millions of stars up there. "I wonder which star is yours, mother," he mused quietly, arching his head as if he actually expected to find it.

"I miss you," Kokkinos continued, still talking to his mother, "and I bet you miss me. I hope that you have Bone and Snake to keep you company, though. They'll be good for you. Venom, too," he added a little awkwardly. "He'll keep you company, too.

"I hope that father is there," Kokkinos continued. "I know that since he didn't belong to a Tribe that he wouldn't have gone to the same place as you. But I hope that the ancestors made an exception for him, so that he could be with you. You both deserve it," he whispered the last line, feeling grief overcome him.

"If they're all there with you, mother, please tell them that I love them. And I love you, of course," he added. "I promise that I'll be the best cat I can be. I'll give everything I've got to my Tribe. I owe it to you."



:iconthe-golden-butterfly: belongs to :icontzurai: and :iconatalae:
Kokkinos is mine c:

I want so many tattoos hELP
2 deviants said And a will to say no Steff not that many
2 deviants said Steff stop
1 deviant said Currently have like six I want
No deviants said I need to find money for these
So recently I've been staying over at my boyfriend's place most nights. I've been going over at like 10 pm and then it'll be like 2 in the morning and I'm just like nah I don't wanna walk back so I just sleep over. It's p nice since I hate sleeping alone and I sleep better with him than when I'm alone.

However, I wear contacts. I usually just kind of fall asleep without expecting to, so I rarely take my contacts out. In doing so I gave myself a corneal abrasion. I'm so smart. So now my eye hurts and it's all red and I hate myself

My vision problems only get worse lmao
1. What sexuality are you?
Used to think I was straight
I'm either bi or pansexual

2. Are you in a relationship?

3. If yes, who is your partner?
His name is Nate and he's a loser
But he kinda looks like Clark Kent so ayyyy

4. If no, would you want to be in one?

5. What would you do if a person of the same gender wants to date you?
If I was single maybe??? Depends on how I feel about them

6. Do you believe in horoscopes?

7. What zodiac sign are you?

8. Are you in love?
Like I love him but I'm not IN love with him ya understand me

9. How many relationships did you have?

10. Which one did you like the most?
I rly like this one tbh

11. What are you looking for in your partner?
Affectionate (I love to cuddle shhh)
Easy to talk to

12. What should your partner know about you?
Intimacy kinda scares me and I suck at talking about my feelings and I get really self conscious and I think I'm a piece of shit seowoejene

13. For the physics; what would/do you like in your partner?
Dark hair, pretty eyes, nice arms
I'm not hugely picky with looks
Wait I rly like glasses

14. Do you have any fetishes?
I have many kinks
Accents is my big one

15. Would you like to be dominate or your partner?
I'm v submissive!!

16. Who did you have a relationship with in the past?
Troy, Nathan, Tyler, Jake, and now Nate

17. Do you still have contact to them?

18. If yes, how does your partner feel, if you have one?
I don't but I feel like he would be cool with it if I did

19. Are you flirting a lot?
I actually am pretty flirty???

20. Which of your past and current partners is the most similar to you?
Ummmmm Nathan and Nate lmao

21. Do others know that you have or had a relationship?

22. Have you had your first kiss yet?

23. Are you a virgin?

24. What do you like the most about your partner, if you have one?
he calls me perfect and is great at cuddling and he gives me forehead kisses and those are my weakness

25. Do other people know about your sexuality?
Jay and Fame do lmao
And all of my internet people

26. How was your first relationship?
We don't talk about that

27. Your first love?

28. Which gender were your past relationships?
All male
Just recently realized I liked girls too

29. Do your parents/family members know about your love life?
Lmao no they don't know about him

30. Did someone reject you before?

31. Are you happy about your love life?

32. Did you reject anyone?

33. Do girls or boys like you more?
Da men F)

34. Does your love like you back, if you are in love?
Not in love with him

35. What was your cheesiest relationship?

36. Do you often show off with your relationships?
Nah we aren't relationship-y in public

37. Do you remember all of your relationship's anniversaries?
There wasn't a real definitive beginning of this thing??? Technically there could be like three beginnings lmaooooo
Take a moment to address something

So I peruse a lot of groups and whatever because I like seeing different characters and the way they function. But there's something I've come across that really, really bugs me. I've only seen the brunt of it in TGB, but it's still an issue.


I've been seeing abusive relationships. I am 100% aware they exist, but in a sense it seems like people sometimes glorify them?? That or they don't really filter what they say. Abuse is not something you ever joke about nor is it just some quirky relationship for your character. Abuse is real, and it's fucking horrifying. So when people don't treat it the way it should, it really makes me uncomfortable. As somebody who was abused as a child, mentions of things like this can be triggering for me and send me into panic attacks.

I know things like this are real. And I know that abuse actually needs more awareness. But for the love of all that is holy don't make your character abusive towards a loved one so they'll be quirky. And do not just brush off their behavior like "oh hahahha that's just Kokkinos!" That makes it seems like it's okay to abuse somebody, which it never is. Sorry for the rant, just seeing that kind of stuff really makes me uncomfortable.

**kokkinos is in no way abusive. I just put in his name for the example oops

Please note this goes for both physical /and/ verbal abuse.


drawn by eliza1star



Best Friends


Brotato Chips


Breakship Club


rrath is totally a god, totally did not hack Steff's account, totally no.
Just a daily reminder.

drawn by FameTheGame

I want so many tattoos hELP 

2 deviants said And a will to say no Steff not that many
2 deviants said Steff stop
1 deviant said Currently have like six I want
No deviants said I need to find money for these


Drawn by FameTheGame
:iconfamethegame::iconsaysplz: Okay so Steff is amazing I mean she's hilarious and funny and she's an amazing person to talk to omfg I love talking to her on Skype because she can make me feel so upbeat by just like saying like two words.

Like I really want to type a whole paragraph here but I can't because like there are no words perfect or great enough for you~!

It's really funny how such a great thing can come from one simple comment sometimes <3

You're perfect Steff and don't you dare let anyone else tell you otherwise because they're goddamned liars.
You're my bby
Ily so much Steff <33333333333333333333333333333

Anyway I have (mostly) everything coded here for you Steff I hope you like it~!
feel free to rearrange things and if you need me to change anything well just Skype me because I'm on there like all day every day you know lD


Okay guys let's see how long it takes Steff to notice this is being updated lD Alright because I seem to find myself falling more and more in love with you (in that friendship sort of way, no your not my friend you're more my best friend and like family now) I figured it would only ne natural for me to update this eue

What is there to say really? You're amazing omfg and you're perfect and I swear one little sentence from you and your writing can bring me to tears, I'm still trying not to cry at what you recently linked me. iT'S THAT PERFECT OKAY????
There are times when we may come to different conclusions but like at least we're getting our opinion out there right? I mean of course we're not going to be exactly the same but we're close enough. I love talking to you though because you're perfect to talk to but you know you have to start talking during the Breakship Club Skype calls because like last time it was only me and Rath and I really wanted to hear you're beautiful voice. You're that one person I really want to get a better idea of what you sound like and like me and Rath said. We're going to randomly Skype call people we want to find out what they sound like and we're going to freak them out ouo

Anyway you're perfect Steff and I love you because you're so sweet and I want to fly you down here so I can tackle you and cuddle you. Then I can make a height comparison lD

Though seriously Steff you say I have talent but you're the talented one here. Remember those subway songs? They could have gone platinum. Okay I need to go now because my mom's telling me to go to sleep but I'll be back because I'm not done yet. Love ya!



I am bad at talking about people because I get 100 ideas of what to say and then I loose all thought.
its bad
watch as this starts and ends as a train wreck.
then I realized I use the word awesome too much
and rethought everything
because I could write so much
but also I don't have the words to EXPRESS THEM ALL
this is no t even much talking
as it is yelling about how perfect you are and how bad I am talking
I think this just proves my point
too bad
I'm not gonna say anything else
this is what you're stuck with
-Rath eue

Hacked pt 2


So I stalk your page because this page is mine and plus I really like wanted to update this because there are so many things to talk about and you updated mine so I only found it fair that I update this right now.

So we've been a little brokenhearted lately and you made me cry last night Steff I swear to god never update Kokkinos's heartchart again, please! Though we've come up with some pretty nice headcannons and are having fun with those and that rp we have going is making me happy because bro who doesn't like human rps they're great and awkward when it comes to that one awkward meeting lD Anyway my heart still hurts I think it finally died like, tgb destroyed my feels and not even a year as gone by since I joined damn that was fast. Anyway like I'm going to start like texting you like crazy because Skype is stupid and I hate it and my phone hates it too. Like you got all those messages today I think that's the most I've ever texted like you got to believe I'm not a person who likes to text people omfg wow Steff you bring out the texter in me holy shit *bows*

Anyway I'm really glad to call you not only a friend but one of the closest friends I have and it's amazing and I love you like you're one of the closest friends I've had in a while and it's great to know someone like you and to have in you in my life. Wait what am I saying it isn't great, it's better than that but there aren't words for it right now. I'm just more than thankful that you're in my life.

But you hurt me why Steff like that's not what friends do and you force me to retaliate. I don't think I'll retaliate with Eileen anymore though because the more I write for her I think the deeper she goes into depression lD Maybe I'll retaliate with like Mothpaw by drawing her sad and shiz because who wants a sad Mothpaw that's unnatural. Or or I'll start to retaliate with happiness *nods*

Omfg I never told you so like the night after you called me the incarnation of Satan (cause I am lesbianest) um I got onto dA and I opened my messages and I had 6 watch messages, 6 comments, and 6 notes like I have a screenshot it was great but I need to look for it and I'll show it to you. It was a sign I stg

To add to it you're one of the most talented people I know and don't you dare call my writing good senpai no I will not accept the compliment I won't. Like your writing touches the deepest parts of my soul and I've never seen a writer do that to me before like I've seen some pretty talented writers but yours just really gets me. Plus your art just brings me joy because because I love it so much especially the Eryx and Kakia one you uploaded.

Anyway let's wrap this up with saying you are one of my greatest friends and no matter how much you shatter my heart I will always retaliate out of love OuO No matter what tho you can always come and talk to me no matter what the subject and I'll try to be there for you because you've been there for me so many times throughout my life and I'm grateful for that. Thank you so much for everything Steff <3333

AND :iconpissplz: MY PAGE


Come on Eileen- Dexy's Midnight Runners

Hacked 3

drawn by FameTheGame


So like I decided to hack your account and do this now that you have a new username. I was so sad when you changed it because I barely learned how to spell your other without like needing to open a separate tab and look at it and I was so proud of myself. Then you changed it like just... just why would you do this to me? -plays 'Why Did This Happen To Me' in the background-

Anyway what is there to say, lately I've been realizing just how much you mean to me. Not because I'm naive and thought something really bad could have happened to you with that allergy thing. I started realizing it a while back and when you stopped texting me right after you said your mom was taking you to the ER it really just hit me. I find it a little funny since I'm so reserved and cynical most of the time that in these 8 months that we've been talking (we met back in November omg) I've let you in this little shell of mine that is such a tough nut to crack. And I'm happy I did, because you're such a great person and you hold such and important spot with me.

From like the moment I get up to my phone vibrating and then fall asleep after looking at your text cuz I'm a lazy shit. Though seriously just getting a text from you makes my day. I never thought that doing a request for someone was how I would meet one of my best friends. One of the people that I feel most comfortable around. One of the people that I could just say anything to without feeling like I'm being stupid. Someone I can be myself around. I just want to say thank you for being that person. I'm so happy that I met you and that your one of the people I text on a daily. Just the fact that I can call you one of my best friends is amazing to me.

I know sometimes I can be a little overbearing (I told you I was clingy didn't I? lD) and I know sometimes it can a little annoying but that's just a way of showing how much I genuinely care for you. If something bad every happened to you I feel like I would loss my shit because even though I'm all the way over here in NM I would feel like there was something I could have done in a way. It's kinda a stupid philosophy of mine but for some reason it just stuck there in a way for God knows what reason.

Anyway, just know that your my Steff bby and that will probably never change. You're stuck with me LMFAO. Also don't let anyone tell you that you won't amount to anything because you always will in my book. In my book right now you're one of the greatest people I've ever met and you've helped me grow a little honestly. You're gonna do great things in this life. Never doubt that.

Fame is done for now eue

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go- Wham!





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